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In more than 60 years of business, Martignani Srl has had the opportunity to work with hundreds and hundreds of customers, and there are thousands of end users of our agricultural sprayers instead.

No one can tell better than them why a Martignani sprayer can make a difference on the field.

Those who have used one of our sprayers have been able to see for themselves the excellent quality of the farm machine, entirely made in Italy, and theeffectiveness of its technology.

The low volume method combined with the electrostatic charge method ensures less use of water and the chemical for perfect mist-blowing all over the plant. And this translates into savings for the farmer: savings in time, water and product…in short, a tangible gain across the board. And all this while reducing the environmental impact of cultivation with a view to sustainable agriculture.

Read testimonials from our Customers and you too will discover how you can save money with a Martignani agricultural sprayer.

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Farm Agr. Camillo Montori: For more than 50 years with Martignani, the story of a friendship

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