Guerrini Brothers: “We were practically born with your sprayer.”

Brothers Daniele and Davide Guerrini have been Martignani customers for 40 years and have grape and fruit crops near Ravenna. We had a chat with them and thank them for their kindness and helpfulness.

Here’s what they told us…

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What is the name of the company and where is it located?

Azienda Agricola Guerrini Daniele e Davide ss. located in Ravenna in the hamlet of Piangipane, run by twins Davide and Daniele.

What kind of crops do you have and how many acres?

The farm is mainly grape fruit and partly herbaceous crops. It covers several hectares.

Since when have you been using Martignani and what model do you have?

We have been using Martignani machines for more than 40 years; we were practically born with your sprayer. As soon as we finished agrarian we took up the business alongside our father who was already using the then KWH, sold by Eng. Claudio Martignani. We never used a conventional sprayer–I remember our father talking about the other sprayers and saying in dialect, “don’t you see that the product all goes into the ground.” To date we have two, both WHIRLWING B-612 Turbo 2.

What kind of treatment do you do?

We do all kinds of treatments with your sprayers. The great thing about these machines is their versatility; in fact, we can do treatments from 150 liters up to over 1000 liters of water per hectare depending on the needs. For example, from fungicides with only a few liters of water per hectare that are usually distributed in the rainy season with soils already saturated with water and, by doing so, we have less load to be mounted, to insecticides and finally to foliar where larger amounts of water are generally used instead.

Are you comfortable with it? Why?

As I mentioned, we are comfortable with Martignani sprayers because they are versatile machines. For example, if I want to treat the vineyard, I can decide at the moment, depending on the vegetative stage, how many liters of water to use and how many kilometers per hour to go, and thanks to a simple formula I choose the calibration of the metering valves and go!

What do you see as the main advantages of Martignani technology?

The advantages of your sprayers are certainly many, from less consumption of water and plant protection products, to saving time on refills, to uniformity of vegetation dye coverage (which is no small feat), and above all the simplicity of machine use and maintenance.

Some of our customers around the world have confirmed to us that once they pay back the machine, with Martignani they are able to save about 200 euros per year per hectare between fuel, product, labor hours, etc… is this also the case for you?

I don’t know, having never tried other sprayers, I can’t make a comparison.

Would you like to add anything?

Like all things that have merits I could also say some flaws. For example, in brown treatments in above-normal wind in bulky plants it is difficult to reach the canopy, and also, although the machine is made very well and with quality materials, I think the purchase price is a bit high.

The interview conducted with the Guerrini brothers has been published in full. Without modification of any kind.

In reference to some of their statements we would like to say that all sprayers have difficulties in windy conditions, in favor of the Martignani, however, we can say that thanks to the low volume, the targeted spray (steerable outlets), and especially the electrostatic charge device, drift losses off target are greatly limited.

On the other hand, we are very aware of the high cost of our machines, but we are equally aware that:

  • All components of Martignani sprayers are of the highest quality
  • Martignani’s technology allows producers to have very important savings (water, product, time and diesel fuel)
  • Martignani sprayers maintain a high value in the used market.

Martignani, for a greener world

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