Marco Padoin: 9 treatments vs. 13/14 and 30% less product

One of the aspects that reconciles us with life and makes us appreciate our work is the esteem that more and more of our customers/friends are testifying to our technology and agricultural sprayers. This is one of those cases.

From one of Italy’s most vocated territories in the cultivation of the vine: the Treviso area, Marco Padoin wrote us; to be precise, he wrote us from his family-run farm, as well as agritourism, “Società Agricola Camoi” via Cucco, 60 in Collalto di Susegana(

Marco Padoin is the kind of “professional” as well as a hunter who, when talking about vines and vineyards and expressing an opinion about them, means that he has gotten his hands dirty and speaks with reason.

It is no coincidence that the results he gets with his Martignani B.612 1000 sprayer Shuttle Turbo 1 Electrostatic Spray System are nothing short of excellent, “9 treatments versus 13/14 for everything else” and “30 percent less product inside.”

Camoi Agricultural Society

These results mean:

  • Optimal use of the machine,
  • Achieving the best results after tests conducted in the field,
  • respect for the environment,
  • Respect toward the product,
  • respect for consumers.

Finally, we are pleased to hear that it involves young people,

“of children in certain schools for research purposes…,” this means teaching, sharing virtue and knowledge, applying what some call “best practices.”

But now let’s let Marco “speak” …

You have to understand what philosophy goes behind this sprayer and then you will have amazing results with less expense!

Good morning Melchiorre,

sorry x the delay in replying, but unfortunately in the harvests we don’t have so many spaces, so I am replying now,

however I am sick and tired of people who criticize without knowledge, I hear all colors only then I respond to everyone because I don’t want to hear crap like:

  • But with the Martignani you lose grapes because you use too little water;
  • but with the Martignani you burn the vines because you use a more concentrated mixture than traditional;

And the strongest are:

  • But with the Martignani you ruin the grapes because it makes too much air and takes a beating;
  • With the Martignani you don’t even treat because since it’s so fast in the air, the product seeps through the plant and falls on the grass!!!

In short, genuine nonsense that makes no sense!!!

But unfortunately, when they come to me, I respond in kind, no half-measures!!!

Like this year I did 9 treatments versus 13/14 for everything else, and only ever with 30% less product inside!!!

I gave my country notebooks to kids in certain schools for research purposes, in San Michele all’Adige, I have 2 who used it, one in Milan and 6 at the wine school in Conegliano!!!

And the farmers at my place always ask how I get beautiful grapes and when I harvest I don’t come out of the vineyard smelling strange smells, and the answer is always the same, credit to Martignani!!!

You have to understand what philosophy goes behind this sprayer and then you will have resounding results with less expense!!!

I conclude with Mr. B….. not that my villager and acquaintance, exalted ignorant and stingy farmer, who comes to me and tells me that it is useless to throw money for a Martignani when he does the same job with his old one, he says that after all, pumping the vines is done anyway!!!

And I told him a little bit in bad ways, it’s like having always driven a Lada Niva and criticizing Ferrari!!!

Unfortunately there are still too many people like this but I will stand by and defend a product of which I am proud and convinced that it is simply the best!!!

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