Martignani’s patents

Since 1991, Martignani Srl has been granted as many as 29 patents. This is because one of the company’s missions is innovation: never stop looking for new possibilities of savings and optimisation for customers, thanks to the options offered by Agriculture 4.0 technologies and more. And never stop trying to make spraying plant protection products an increasingly sustainable process, both for crop quality, and for operators and the environment


Patent BO 91 U 00040, No. 00224697

B612 TURBO 2 H.T.S. (High Target System) Electrostatic
(Gold Medal at Fieragricola Verona 1991)

Patent No. 01253301

System for distributing pollen in aqueous suspension, applicable on fully-operated B612 Sprayer


Patent BO 92 U 000166, No. 001264256

Anti-drift system distribution with multiple nozzles “Multi-Flow”
(Gold Medal at Fieragricola Verona 2004)

Patent BO 92 U 000163

”POWER AIR FOGGER” thermofogger for Martignani Super Ecology models


Patent BO 93 A 000444

Electrostatic device with high voltage multiplier incorporated in each nozzle


Patent BO 95 U 000038, No. 00238929

B612 fan with two outlets: one horizontal and one vertical.


Patent BO 96 0000057

New polyethylene tank “SHUTTLE”, 1000 l


Patent No. 01295182

“BORA” sprayer with a rotary nozzle on telescopic arm, can be positioned in front of the vehicle for pest control


Patent No. 0001341493

MC2 Electrostatic Duster
(Quality Competition Award at Fieragricola Verona 2004)

Patent No. 0001341492

Quick-action joint system for adjusting the centre-to-centre distance between the nozzles of the M612 TURBO 3 multi-row sprayer, without the use of any hydraulic or electric jacks
(Quality Competition Award VR – 2004)


Patent No. 0001353322

Device on M612 to stimulate with air flows the natural pollination of kiwi and other similar crops


Patent No. 0000262436

“Crono Spray” device for instant adjustment of l/ha to be distributed on tunnel crops with the “Phantom”  cannon sprayer


Patent No. 0001367666

Special U.L.V micronising nozzle for cannon outlet of Martignani pest control sprayers

Patent BO 2006A000205

Special device Power Air Fogger K800 for adjusting the temperature of the smoke cloud from hot to cold without any change in engine speed

Patent No. 0000263594

Quick system for replacement of the cannon outlet with the fishtail one on Martignani pest control sprayers


Patent BO 20070000063

Multi-functional “Luxor” tank for Martignani pest control sprayers 


Patent No.0000268168

Complementary device for Pneumatic Pollination Stimulator Model for kiwis, etc. for retrieving the pollen held in air suspension behind the device


Patent BO 2010A000204, No. 0001399194

Integrated ON-OFF electronically controlled anti-drip system for all Martignani sprayers

Patent No. 000275303

New larger wing nozzle 

Patent No. 000275304

New enhanced electrode with integral protection


Patent BO 2011A000507

New “Tri-Ax-Flex” approved articulated draw bar


European Patent EP 2689662 A1

M612 Electrostatic “Duo Wing Jet” with two air cushion anti-drift screens
(Technical Innovation Award at EIMA 2012 and 2014)


Patent BO 2014 U 000060

New stainless steel precision metering valve from 0 to 1300 l/ha, with outstanding reduction of wear caused by concentrated chemical mixtures


European Patent EP 3087835

M612 Electrostatic Multi-Flow “Sudtirol 2015” with integral protective air curtain anti-drift system able to erase the risk of contamination of neighbouring areas (Buffer Zone)
(Blue Award at EIMA 2016)


Patent Application No. 102019000013068

Duster 2019 model


Patent Application No. 102020000023995

“SMS” (Smart Maintenance System) system in the new Phantom M120 3P Mounted
(Mention at Eima 20-21 for Innovation)

Patent Application No. 102020000026744

TELE AIR FAN: Front suction tunnel, crop spraying apparatus


Patent Application No. 102021000025151

NewPort20 Articulated Sprayer Hydraulic Adjustment Kit

Patent Application No. 102021000025145

Octagonal Telescopic system


Patent Application No. 015042345-0001

Design of multiple configurable spray heads on Phantom line 

Patent EPO 3769616

MC3 Electrostatic duster

Patent No. 102021000025145

Over the row telescopic boom

Patent No. 102021000025151

Hydraulic rack adjustment

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