Articulated sprayers

Martignani’s electrostatic articulated sprayers are ideal for perfect maneuverability in hilly crops or where a very small turning radius is needed.


It is suitable for alternate row treatments of vineyards, as the two lower outlets treat the row where the tractor passes, while the upper ones treat the rows next to it, in this way, the sprayer treats, simultaneously and in full vegetative development 4 walls with enormous time savings because the passages through the vineyard are reduced by exactly half. The inclination of the two upper headers is individually adjustable with hydraulic device from the driver’s seat, which is ideal when working on hills.

These types of sprayers are particularly recommended, in addition to vineyards, for the following crops: orchards, olives, citrus fruits, tropical crops (papaya, mango, avocado, etc. ), Berries (Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant, etc.), asparagus or, if equipped with cannon heads, open field or greenhouse vegetables, etc., for medium/large farms.


The articulated Phantom “NewPort20,” like all Martignani sprayers, adopts a pneumatic spraying system assisted by the Electrostatic Charge device (First in Europe since 1981) that guarantees rapid execution, very fine and constant spraying, uniform distribution, exceptional spray range and penetration capacity, and superior efficacy in fungicide or insecticide treatments.

SAVE TIME WITH THE “NewPort20” articulated sprayer.

The working speed is usually about 5 km/h, but the Martignani trailed sprayer can operate at much higher speeds. Martignani’s articulated sprayer thanks to its unique finned nozzles and perfect fluid dynamic parameters produces ideal micronization for all weather conditions and which prevents any dripping from vegetation (soil drift) or aerial drift thanks also to the exclusive Electrostatic Charge device. This also prevents or minimizes residues on fruits and grapes, saves costs and is good for the environment.


With its robust structure and high performance, this model ensures high productivity on large expanses of vineyard crops and other row crops. Maximum performance with low operating costs and low maintenance thanks to the use of nozzles free from wear and occlusion, centrifugal pumps with bodies made entirely of cast-produced stainless steel, and special mechanical seals resistant to the most concentrated chemical powders.

EXCLUSIVE ADVANTAGES OF THE PHANTOM “NewPort20” articulated sprayer:

  • Low Volume and sustainable use of agro drugs = SAVING water, LESS time, LESS product
    – Electrostatic charge and drift loss reduction = additional product SAVINGS
    – Targeted spray for even distribution even within the vegetation = healthier plants = LESS phytosanitary interventions
    – Increased working speed (4 walls at a time) = TIME SAVING
    – Very low power input: tractors required as low as 40 hp on the flat = fuel SAVING
    – “Mother Regulation” Road Homologation = NO need for (complicated) trim changes from operational to road and vice versa
    – Range: Available capacities 1000 LT (recommended in Hills) and 1500 LT (usable in Plains)
    – Modern valves easily accessible and viewable from the driver’s seat and easy to use.
    – Easy inspectability, for inspection or maintenance operations, by opening the frame.
    – Optional mechanical device for closing the air supply to the upper outlets so using 100 % of the turbine air on the lower ones.

Example: treatments at the beginning of the vegetative stage and/or when it is necessary to treat near buffer or “buffer” areas to minimize drift

atomizzatore snodato anni 60 Martignani


Martignani has the historical leadership in designing and distributing since the 1960s the first ever version of the mounted sprayer with separate tank connected via classic drawbar that was called “Port20.”


Today, the Phantom “NewPort20” is a viable alternative to the classic pull-type and mounted models, particularly for treatments in hilly vineyards with narrow passages by allowing great ease of maneuvering without the use of homokinetic driveshafts and/or hydraulic steering rudders of dubious reliability over time. The distributor apparatus (fan and outlets) is located in front of the tank and is connected directly to the tractor’s 3-point hitch, while the tank is attached via a pivot system that allows for better maneuverability in the field.

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