Pull-type sprayers

Martignani’s pull-type electrostatic sprayers represent the top range with capacities from 600 up to 3000 lt and multiple configurations to suit any agricultural crop.

The electrostatic pull-type sprayers

MARTIGNANI sprayers, which adopt a pneumatic spraying system that has been appreciated worldwide since the years of the introduction of the first KIEKENS WHIRLWIND HOLLAND patents, guarantee:

  • timeliness and speed of execution
  • Very fine and constant atomization regardless ofthe volume of liquid dispensed in the unit of time
  • Perfect and uniform distribution of active ingredients
  • Exceptional spray range and penetration capacity in any type of crop whatever the form of breeding and in any situation even of particular climatic-environmental difficulties
  • superior efficacy in both fungicide and insecticide treatments and especially in combating mining insects, moths, mealybugs, mites, aphids, and psyllids.

With the following savings:

  • SOLUTION WATER over 90%
  • FUEL over 40%

All this without violence to plants (low liquid pressure) and without soil pollution (no dripping from vegetation).

They can distribute indifferently:

  • NORMAL VOLUME (over 1000 lt/ha)
  • MEDIUM VOLUME (500-1000 lt/ha)
  • LOW VOLUME (200-500 lt/ha)
  • LOW VOLUME (50-200 lt/ha)
  • ULTRA-LOW VOLUME (less than 50 liters/ha)
    Of both aqueous and oily formulations without any replacement of nozzles, plates, etc., with uniform micronization
    (droplets from 50 to 150 microns as needed) and at unchanged pressure (1.5 ATM).

This capacity for performance and results, found “in integro” only in the Martignani electrostatic system despite various attempts at imitation, derives from a special construction technology and a complex of application criteria acquired over more than 60 years of experience,
matured often in collaboration with the best Institutes of Agricultural Experimentation in Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Australia.

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