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One machine for cherry tree and asparagus in greenhouse? With Martignani you can.

When we spoke with our Treviso client and friend, Paolo Zanusso, we were also surprised. Here is his story ...


Learn how our agricultural sprayers and sprayers have made a difference for our Customers.

Your crop

Everything you wanted to know to optimize work in your soil.
With Martignani sprayers.

The cultivation of walnut trees is becoming increasingly popular in our countryside.Walnut is a plant that is as profitable as it is demanding in terms of treatment.

The grapevine, the most versatile of the crops in our country, must be constantly defended against the adversities that threaten its production to ensure an excellent quality harvest.

From Trentino to Romagna, the apple tree is an important part of the Italian agricultural and food landscape and as such should be protected in the best way possible from pathogens.


  • Less chemical
  • Less water
  • Less time

Solve it with Martignani

Defend your crops from pathogens with our agricultural sprayers.

Grapevine powdery mildew, also known as white mold, is one of the most destructive vine diseases, on par with peronospera.

Also called brown spot of pear is one of the most dangerous adversities of the pear tree : it affects all the green organs of the plant but especially the fruit , which goes rotten.

This is a disease much feared by grape growers and caused by the fungus Plasmopara viticola , which gradually affects all parts of the plant.


  • Zero residuals
  • Lower water consumption
  • Reduced use of pesticides

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