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Martignani has been manufacturing low volume mist blowers for sustainable crop protection for more than 60 years, boasting a world record in “mist blowing.”

In fact, it was the first company in the world to develop the technique of low volume and electrostatic charge in agriculture. All because the founder, Engineer Claudio Martignani, has always believed in the sustainable use of pesticides and the possibility of protecting crops while protecting the environment and people.

The Story

In 1958, Martignani’s founder, Eng. Claudio Martignani, introduced the low volume ‘water application technique to Italy with the launch of the first pneumatic sprayers.

And in 1981 he was the first to introduce electrostatic charging of micro-droplets in agriculture worldwide.

Eng. Claudio Martignani
Eng. Claudio Martignani
Uno dei primi nebulizzatori pneumatici
One of the very 1st low volume mist blowers
Primo nebulizzatore a carica elettrostatica - 1981
1st Electrostatic mist blower ever produced in the world
staff Martignani
The Martignani team

Martignani today

After more than 65 years in business, Martignani sprayers, have established themselves with the best fruit-wine companies in Italy and 70 other countries, including major agribusiness multinationals.

To date, the Romagna-based company is run by his son Stefano Martignani and employs 50 skilled professionals.


Smart solutions
for sustainable agriculture

The benefits of Martignani electrostatic sprayers

The advantages of Martignani sprayers are many:

    They make treatments faster because they treat more hectares in a day’s work by the machine and the operator on board.
    In terms of product, they use 30 percent and more less of it: thus less purchasing, less storage, and fundamental zero residue on the plant and on the ground.
    They use between 70 and 90 percent less water, so less cumbersome machines for working in the middle of rows or plantations, less trampling of soil, and need fewer trips for supplies.

Today, our goal is to be able to provide the most suitable sprayer for each of our customers’ specific needs, thanks to our highly specialized technology, while ensuring minimal impact to the environment.

Copertina libro Martignani La forza di un'idea

The story of our company was told by the founder himself and collected in a book, THE STRENGTH OF AN IDEA.

To receive it, just send an email to martignani@martignani.com

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The sustainable use of pesticides.

Martignani has always had as its mission the technological innovation of its machines in favor of the sustainable use of pesticides in agriculture.

Through the introduction of the low volume water application technique and the use of electrostatic charge of microdroplets, Martignani agricultural sprayers bring wide-ranging benefits to field operators:

  • Effectiveness in treatments with concentrated mixtures up to 10 times, with savings in water, time-manpower, and chemical.
  • Perfect and uniform micronization of any concentrated or normal liquid mixture of natural, organic products, polysulfides in original liquid formulations, etc.
  • Absence of undesirable chemical residues on crops because the polarized microdroplets are deposited with incredible uniformity without the accumulation of active ingredient.
  • No problems with nozzle clogging or wear.
  • Low liquid pressure operation (1.5 bar/21 psi) to distribute from 50 to 2000 l/ha without any change of nozzles, thanks to precision metering valves with instantaneous adjustment.
  • Use of a stainless steel centrifugal pump and special wide passage nozzles (4 mm)
recensione atomizzatore noce Martignani
Martignani electrostatic charge low volume phytopharmaceuticals

This becomes even more important in the field of organic and biodynamic farming.

As a result of the continuous desire to innovate, the company also designed and produced the Martignani electrostatic dusting machine (Eima 2014 Technical Novelty Award) that, thanks to the net reduction of losses to the environment, can be used at all hours of the day, while the use of normal dusters is only allowed in the early morning or at night. Finally, Martignani sprayers have also proven themselves in Low and Ultra Low Volume treatments.

Learn more about the low volume method on the page

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