Fyffes and the Whirlwind M612 Martignani

Fyffes is one of the leading multinational companies, worldwide, in banana production and export. It has various locations in Europe and Latin America and banana plantations in different countries such as Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, …

In Ecuador, Fyffes has created a high-productivity ecological agro production system and uses Martignani sprayers, thanks in part to our collaborators in the country UNIDECO SA.

Martignani contro la sigatoka nera: trattamento biologico
Banana treatment with Martignani sprayer

Fyffes is satisfied with the results of the treatments made with the Whirlwind M612 Major.

Specifically, Alex Morales, Farm Development Manager for Fyffes in Ecuador assures that “…despite the limitations for mechanization during the rainy season and the uneven topography of the soil, since the beginning of the season we have still carried out treatments once a week with Martignani. This ensures that phytosanitary management is flawless. No banana plantation in this area can do this by its own means as it normally depends on aerial fumigation. We have lowered costs and environmental impact while enhancing productivity.”

We have lowered costs and environmental impact while enhancing productivity

Morales adds that, “…Finca San Jorge, is a 100 percent organic banana plantation, but everything seems to indicate that we will have productivity levels similar to a conventional plantation. This has special relevance because in an organic production system, the availability of organically compliant supplies is limited, so the frequency and efficiency of black sigatoka control is key to sustainable banana production.”

In this video you can see the Whirlwind M612 on a Fyffes banana plantation in Ecuador.

Martignani’s electrostatic charge treatments have always guaranteed maximum precision and uniformity in banana plant dye coverage and no drift.

In these pictures you can see the result in banana leaves, after a treatment made with the Martignani sprayer with 50 lt/ha of water.

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