Variable Volume Spraying at the Service of Biodynamic Agriculture

Mara Estate chose the Quality and Efficiency of Variable Volume Misting

Today we find ourselves near the hillside village of San Clemente, in the company of Dr. Leonardo Pironi, administrator of the splendid Tenuta Mara: seven hectares of vineyards exposed to the gentle Romagna sun, dedicated to a great Italian grape variety, Sangiovese.

tenuta Mara agricoltura biodinamica
Mara Estate

The history of the estate begins with the desire to Giordano Emendatori, its founder, to realize his great passion for wine, devoting himself to the design and construction of a structure (which he will name after the wife Mara) in which the melodies of strings and woodwinds sweep through the rows and embrace the plants, which thrive amidst the harmony of classical music and complete stillness.
This premise is essential to fully understand the decisions of Dr. Pironi, who, because of his respect for this small natural oasis, to promote its development and maintenance has opted for a innovative technology (in biodynamics) , aimed at the health protection of operators and to the environmental protection, the latter being of great importance.

Indeed, we are talking about a perfect ecosystem, masterfully built over the years, where the health of the vineyards is in the first place for those who have espoused a type of Biodynamic Agriculture, which does not contemplate the use of synthetic products and oenological correctives; not only green manure, but also the protection of biodiversity are the “MUSTs” of this farm.

Green manure and biodiversity protection are the musts of this farm

. Martignani machines, capable of producing variable volume misting, fit perfectly within such a context, so much so that, after learning about our Pneumatic sprayers through the advice of technician-agronomists, Dr. Pironi arranged for the purchase of an agricultural sprayer Shuttle B-612 600L in 2012, recording significant savings in time, water, product and labor in these first four years of use.

Dr. Leonardo also emphasizes how important it was to be able to rely on a sprayer capable of operate perfectly in alternate rows (note: by doing green manure you are obliged to always transit the same rows) in absolutely effective way even in very rainy years such as those of 2013-2014: in fact, thanks to the considerable saving of time, he was able to complete the harvest and continue with the production of MaraMia, a red wine nourished with quality and art, the result of constant attention and assistance from the Vigneron.

The choice of a Martignani pull-type PTO sprayer for treating such a valuable and delicate biodynamic area, he reports, is no accident: the Martignani variable volume nebulization , in fact, has proven to be suitable and functional in the context of the organic farming, through the Perfect and uniform spraying of any liquid or normal mixture of natural (such as classical bordelaise mush), biological and microbiological (such as Bacillus Thuringiensis), polysulfides “Polysenium” in original liquid formulations, with the addition of a low volume of dilution water, Diatom powders in liquid suspension, etc….

tenuta Mara agricoltura biodinamica

No problems of occlusion or wear of nozzles were found, and the success of the treatment, Dr. Pironi points out, is touchable: very healthy grapes, free of residues, perfectly up to what MaraMia is, a Sangiovese fruit of care and attention at every stage of production.

We spent a very pleasant day together with the Staff of Tenuta Mara, accompanied in this “Vineyard Experience” by the very kind Dr. Leonardo, thanks to whom we once again experienced the satisfaction of our customers, a source of pride for Martignani and at the same time a stimulus for a path of continuous and constant growth with variable volume spraying, in step with the times and in line with the needs of farmers.

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