Table grapes

Everything you need to know about table grape treatments

Table grapes are the crop of the moment: day by day the market is increasingly attracted to this fruit that reaches our tables in the fall season. There are dozens of varieties of table grapes: red grapes, white grapes, Italia grapes, and Regina grapes, Victory grapes, Pizzutella grapes, seedless (seedless) table grapes, etc., and each of them has a different ripening period and requires different types of exposure. In fact, the conditions of the vineyard must allow the grapes to reach the right level of sugars in the berries for that specific variety.

However, all varieties need to be defended against pathogens that can attack them and ruin the crop. Always a specialty of our southern regions, table grapes are characterized by types of farming that, often, put agrochemical distribution machines to the test: but not Martignani!

Even with so-called Italian pergola trellis systems , the effectiveness of Martignani sprayers is not undermined but on the contrary is enhanced!

Protect the vineyard from thepowdery mildew, downy mildew, botrytis or the  mothis not a problem with us!

Based on the pathogen from which you want to defend your crop, it is good to perform diverse treatments in the winter season up to flowering and pre-harvest. And with our sprayers, sustainable use of pesticides is guaranteed so that we have a great product to have mounted on our tables while prioritizing the standards ofsustainable agriculture.



Atomizzatore portato Phantom M120 Martignani

Mounted sprayer Phantom M120


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