Mounted sprayers

Martignani’s mounted electrostatic sprayers are compact, lightweight and have multiple configurations to suit any agricultural crop.

Since 1981, Martignani has been producing mounted sprayer models for the sustainable use of pesticides using the low and very low volume electrostatic technique allowing savings of up to 65 percent.
First and only recycling-free pesticide recovery system with anti-leaching and anti-chemical residue effect on fruits, vegetables, grapes, wine, etc.

Advantages of our mounted sprayer

Martignani’s mounted sprayers offer:

  • Timeliness and speed of execution Fine and constant atomization, regardless of the volume of liquid dispensed in the unit of time
  • Perfect and uniform distribution of active ingredients
  • Exceptional spray range and penetration capacity in any type of crop, whatever the form of breeding and in any situation, even of particular climatic-environmental difficulties
  • superior efficacy in both fungicide and insecticide treatments and especially in combating mining insects, moths, mealybugs, mites, aphids, psyllids…

Save money with mounted sprayer

Savings achievable with the mounted sprayer sprayer:

  • solution water over 90%
  • chemical product over 30%
  • labor time over 60%
  • fuel over 40%

All this without violence to plants (low liquid pressure) and without soil pollution (no dripping from vegetation).

Mounted sprayer volume

They can distribute indifferently:

  • normal volume (over 1000 lt/ha)
  • medium volume (500-1000 lt/ha)
  • low volume (200-500 lt/ha)
  • Very low volume (50-200 lt/ha)
  • ultra-low volume (less than 50 lt/ha)

of both aqueous and oily formulations without replacement of nozzles, plates, etc., with uniform micronization (droplets from 50 to 150 microns as needed) and at unchanged pressure (1.5 ATM).

Why choose a Martignani mounted sprayer

  • Uniform distribution and perfect adherence of pesticides even on the underside of leaves.
  • Drift losses tending to zero.
  • Full utilization of pesticide and thus even less amount required per hectare.
  • Full dye coverage even in the highest parts of the tree (where it is not possible with conventional sprayers), as the chemical cloud that forms above the plants is attracted by them.
  • Increased working speed (up to 12 km/hour).
  • Increased time saving.
  • Healthier plants and better production quality.
  • Significant reduction in environmental pollution.
  • Reduction of possible pesticide contamination of the operator by 70% (both inhalation and contact).
  • Fruit and wine without unwanted chemical residues.

Data sheet mounted sprayer sprayer

  • CENTRIFUGAL FANS of exclusive design and exceptional efficiency, capable of delivering large volumes of air with high exit flow velocities at very low rotational speeds.
  • TRANSMISSION with oil-bath gearbox and fan engagement/disengagement device.
  • NOZZLES of special profile and large diameter (4 mm). No clogging or blockage problems, no wear and tear or deformation. Located in the air stream at the point where it reaches speeds on the order of 80 m/s, they cause the liquid vein to be fractionated into minute but mostly homogeneous droplets.
  • PRECISION METERING VALVES with STAINLESS STEEL graduated scale (patented): they allow the total liquid delivery to be instantly varied from 0 to 550/1300 lt/hour each; this is in consideration of the quantities (or volumes) of spray mixture to be distributed per hectare, depending on the desired forward speeds, the chosen concentration title (from normal to 2,3,4… 10…20 times), the conditions of the soils on which it is operated, the density of vegetation, etc.
  • CENTRIFUGAL PUMP with large flow rate (120 to 500 l/m) with mechanical seals of special material exclusive to Martignani for feeding the nozzles, continuous and adjustable agitation of the chemical mixture in the tank, rapid and anti-pollution self-filling, and to operate the pre-mix-echo basket.
  • Pre-mix-eco DEVICE : large-capacity premixing basket, ideal for preparing chemical mixtures with the tank closed, either at the clearing stage or with the tank already supplied with water, by simply operating a valve.
  • TANKS: constructed of polyethylene and stainless steel. Each tank (with the exception of the Inox version) has incorporated two small tanks for circuit rinsing and hand washing (CE compliant), respectively. The suction wells are taken care of so as to ensure the integral utilization of concentrated mixtures even when working on a slope. Fluid level clearly visible from the driver’s seat.
  • EXTERNAL EXHAUST FILTER and easy to clean even when the tank is full.
  • FRAMES made of oversized, hot-dip galvanized metal sections with adjustable drawbars and axles. For pull-type models, fixed (with eye or fork) and trailed rudders are available upon request. Pull-type models are
  • ELECTRICAL CONTROL, within easy reach of the operator complete with glycerin pressure gauge and solenoid valves with built-in anti-drip device (patented) to CE standards, with the possibility of simultaneous or separate control of liquid dispensing on the various sections.
  • Optional: MANUAL CONTROL (non-EC countries only) COMPUTER ARAG BRAVO

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