“We will not exchange Martignani for any other sprayer. We love its simplicity, robustness and reliability.”

Majestic Trees is a nursery company established 20 years ago in London. To date, it is one of the most important horticultural reference points in England and has been using Martignani sprayers for in-house treatments since 2015.

We wanted to interview their general manager, Steve McCurdy, to find out why Martignani and what their experience is in this regard.

Recensione nebulizzatore Martignani orticoltura Londra

1. The first thing we will want to know is What is Majestic Trees Pggo and what are the main values of the company?

Majestic Trees was established 20 years ago with an initial nursery area of 5 hectares. Small at the time but with big ambitions to become a landmark in the nursery industry. Twenty years on, Majestic Trees is one of the UK’s most prestigious nurseries, with outstanding customer service that stands apart from any other company in the quality of our plant stock, delivery, planting service and guarantee on our plants. Visiting and doing business with Majestic Trees guarantees a “customer experience” that is hard to find with any other company in the industry.

Our vision is to be an innovative leader in the industry, striving as a team to offer ever-higher standards of quality, service and professionalism.

2. How long have you been familiar with Martignani technology and when did you start using our sprayers?

We decided to purchase a Martignani sprayer in 2015. It was after the third nursery expansion, when our spraying method was clearly inadequate for the purpose (inadequate calibration method, inefficient, inaccurate in hitting the target, and so on…). I think it was in 2013, at a European horticulture fair, when we learned about Martignani sprayers and were fascinated by the concept. Later, after analyzing the options available in the market, there was no doubt that Martignani was the best one for us.

3. What model of sprayer do you use and why?

We have a combination model equipped with both Fan and Cannon outlets. We have quite different situations among them, hedge plants up to 2 meters in height to young and mature plants or trees from 3 meters to 13 meters in height. We also had to invest in the tractor, but the sprayer proved versatile for our layout and diversity of plants, as well as for its ease of use and calibration.

4. What does Martignani represent to you?

To us, Martignani represents quality, efficiency, environmental concept, versatility and reliability…

5. In a video recently posted on Majestic Trees’ various socials, the company says that “the electrostatic sprayer into action. This remarkable piece of equipment is able to generate a fine electrically charged mist, coating the full leaf; this results in little to no drift, less wastage and far less product required.”? Can you explain this statement?

Our intention in this statement is to make people aware of the properties of the electrostatic charge of the droplets, which causes them to act as magnets to be attracted to the leaves, reducing drift and evenly covering (top and bottom) the plant tissue. “A fine mist with electric charge,” tiny droplets with electrostatic charge surrounding the leaves….

6. Our studies and testimonials from customers around the world show how it is possible, through the use of Martignani’s technology, to save up to 90 percent water in treatments and at least one-third chemical, as well as 60 percent time. Is this the case in your case as well?

We normally use 800 to 1200 liters of water per hectare, depending on the season and product specifications. We have not reduced the minimum doses of product indicated on the label when we use the sprayer; what we can say is that our spraying capacity has improved 5 times over what we used in the past. Before, we used adjustable lances and a lot of manpower; the volume of water per hectare was 2600 L; we could spray less than one hectare per day. Today we sprayed over 2 hectares using a water volume of 800 liters with one operator.

7. Would you like to add something?

We would not exchange Martignani for any other sprayer. We love its simplicity, robustness and reliability…

We thank Mr. McCurdy, general manager of Majestic Trees, for his helpfulness and confidence in our company.

Martignani, for a greener world!

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