Privacy Policy


Martignani S.r.l. (hereinafter "Martignani") respects privacy and undertakes to treat personal data with the utmost care and in full compliance with the applicable provisions on the subject, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter the "GDPR") and Legislative Decree 196/2003, updated also pursuant to Legislative Decree 101/2018.
This information is therefore intended to inform you, with the utmost transparency, about the processing of personal data carried out by Martignani in the performance of its business activities, including also promotional activities related to the latter, including the sending of promotional communications via email.
Before forwarding any type of information and / or personal data, also by filling in the forms made available in the "contacts" and "subscribe to our mailing list" section at the bottom of each page of the website, we invite you to read this information carefully.


The holder of the processing of personal data is Martignani Srl, with registered office in via Fermi n. 63, Sant'Agata Sul Santerno (RA), which can be reached at the following contacts:
Telephone: +39 0545 23077
Fax: +39 0545 30664


In carrying out its business, Martignani processes personal identification and contact details, including, for example: name, surname, email address, telephone number and country of origin.
The aforementioned personal data may be collected by Martignani through your interaction with the Site (through the form available in the "contacts" section, accessible via the following link:, as well as in the ordinary performance of its business activity, also of a promotional type, for example through its own commercial network, as well as in case of initiatives and events organized by Martignani and / or in which Martignani participates.
After the registration on the mailing list with the specific form at the bottom of each page of the website, subject to your consent, Martignani may also process your email address and your sector indication for the scope of the promotional activity detailed below.


In carrying out its business activity, Martignani processes personal data for purposes related to the services requested or related to the production, distribution, promotion, advertising and sale of its products. In particular, Martignani processes personal data to respond to requests for information regarding its products (including estimates, technical and / or commercial information, also sent via the form available in the "contacts" section of its website), to provide assistance post-sales, as well as, more generally, to manage relations with its commercial partners and with other parties with whom it interacts in carrying out its business (including its suppliers), including the fulfilment of contractual obligations, to absolve obligations imposed by law, including those in accounting and tax, as well as to protect their own prerogatives and manage any disputes.
Martignani may also process personal data to send its customers information on previously purchased products and / or similar products (c.d. "soft spam").
With the consent, Martignani uses the e-mail address and the indication of your sector supplied for registration on your mailing list in order to send promotional communications related to your business and your products (for example, press releases related to new products releases, or invitations to visit the Martignani spaces at the fairs in which it participates).


Martignani processes personal data in the performance of its business activities with the purpose of establishing a possible commercial relationship (and therefore for the execution of pre-contractual measures), as well as for executing contracts of which Martignani is a part, including supply contracts of Martignani products (pursuant to Article 6, letter b) of the GDPR).
Martignani processes personal data in the course of its business, including on the basis of its legitimate interest in the execution of commercial activities, efficient management and organization of its business activities, as well as the possible protection of its own prerogatives, even in headquarters court and / or before the competent authorities (pursuant to Article 6, letter f) of the GDPR).
The e-mail address and the indication of your belonging sector provided upon registration to our mailing list are used by Martignani on the basis of your consent for the processing of such personal data for the promotional purposes described above (pursuant to art. 6, letter a) of the GDPR).
All personal data may also be processed to ensure compliance with legal obligations to which Martignani is subject (pursuant to Article 6, letter c) of the GDPR).


Martignani processes personal data in paper form and through electronic means, within the limits of the aforementioned purposes and in compliance with the applicable legislation, adopting measures aimed at maintaining the confidentiality and confidentiality of personal data.
In some cases your personal data may be transferred outside the EU.
Martignani uses IT services that are provided by individuals who have declared that they take all the necessary measures to ensure that the processing of personal data complies with the applicable provisions regarding the protection of personal data, pursuant to the articles 45 and 46 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
In particular, the hosting service provider of the website provides, in the event of any transfer of personal data outside the EU, the application of the data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission, as shown here and here.
The email address provided for registration on the Martignani mailing list may be transferred outside the European Union territory. The subject providing this service has declared that it takes all necessary measures to ensure that the processing of personal data carried out complies with the applicable provisions regarding the protection of personal data.
In particular, the subject used by Martignani for communication and marketing services (including the sending of communications within the mailing list) uses the Mailchimp platform, managed by the US company The Rocket Science Group LLC.
The Rocket Science Group LLC has adhered to the "Privacy Shield", an agreement that regulates the transfer of data between the European Union and the USA. More information on this can be found at the following links:
- Mailchimp;
- Privacy Shield;
- Pagina informativa del Garante per la protezione dei dati personali sul Privacy Shield.


Personal data is made available to duly authorized Martignani personnel, who have the right to access it in order to carry out their work and / or professional duties.
Martignani may also provide access to your personal data to the parties it uses for the provision of its IT services, for the maintenance of its IT infrastructure, for the supply of communication and marketing services (including the management of its own website, as well as the mailing list). Individuals with whom Martignani collaborates in carrying out its business activities (including shipping companies) may also have access to your personal data. Martignani only provides these subjects with the personal data necessary to perform the agreed activities and they act as data processors and / or data processors.
Martignani also reserves the right to communicate personal data to third parties, including its own lawyers and / or consultants, in order to: a) carry out pre-contractual activities; b) ensure compliance with the law and / or fulfil Authority requests; c) protect the rights of Martignani in judicial, arbitration and / or similar legal proceedings.


The personal data processed in the performance of Martignani's activities are kept for the period of time necessary to pursue the specific purposes of each treatment and to ensure compliance with the applicable laws.

The personal data processed for the fulfilment of contractual obligations, including the pre-contractual activity, are kept for 10 years from the termination of the same, or, if the pre-contractual activity does not lead to the conclusion of a contract, for 3 years from the end of the aforementioned pre-contractual activity, with the possibility of extending these terms in the event that it becomes necessary to preserve longer such personal data to ensure the protection of Martignani's prerogatives (for example to manage any disputes and prevent abuses, even to the aim to ensure efficient management of Martignani resources).

The personal data processed in the context of the management and keeping of the company accounts are kept for the time necessary to fulfil the fiscal and conservation obligations of the accounting records.

The personal data processed for "soft spam" activities are stored, in relation to this specific purpose, for 24 months from the date of purchase on which the information is sent.

The processing of personal data necessary for the mailing list, involves the use by Martignani of the email address provided for this purpose and the indication of your belonging address for a period of 24 months starting from the registration to the relevant service. After this deadline, unless a new consent is issued, the email address will be deleted from the mailing list and no further promotional communications will be sent by Martignani.


At any time you can object to the processing of your personal data (including your email address and indication of your sector) and / or revoke your consent and / or for the performance of promotional activities by Martignani, including sending "soft spam" communications and / or subscribing to the mailing list by sending an email to
Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of consent-based processing prior to revocation.


At any time you can contact Martignani at the above addresses to receive the list of those responsible for processing personal data (that is, Martignani's service providers who carry out processing operations on personal data). You can also contact the aforementioned contact details of Martignani also for the exercise of the rights sanctioned by articles 15 to 22 of the GDPR, in particular for the purpose of:
a) obtain confirmation of the existence or not of personal data, verify the content, origin and accuracy;
b) request the integration, updating, rectification, cancellation or anonymisation of personal data, as well as the limitation of the processing of personal data;
c) object, for reasons connected with a particular situation, to the processing of personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest of Martignani, provided that Martignani's reasons do not prevail to proceed equally to the processing (for example, for the need to protect their rights in court);
d) to propose a complaint with the Supervisory Authority (the Italian Data Protection Authority is responsible for Italy).
Requests relating to the exercise of rights will be dealt without unjustified delay and, in any case, within one month of the request; only in cases of particular complexity and the number of requests this deadline can be further extended for two months.

(last update July 2019)