Agriculture 4.0

Martignani electrostatic sprayers fit perfectly into the panorama of Agriculture 4.0 (Precision Farming)
But what is meant by this term?

Specifically, it is precision agriculture, i.e., the use of tools that allow the farmer to effectively and efficiently employ advanced technologies to increase the sustainability and quality of production while saving money, labour, time and chemical products.

Agricoltura 4.0 Martignani
Agriculture 4.0 with Martignani

Agriculture 4.0 solutions make it possible, for example, to

  • accurately calculate the water requirements of our crops,
  • forecast plant diseases,
  • and control every step of the production process in our supply chains.

Producers who decide to make such investments in their crops achieve a significant reduction in production costs and production improvements that have consequences not only on the quality of production but also on the quality of life of workers. This is because Agriculture 4.0 optimises their daily work, as many control activities can be carried out remotely without the need to physically go to the field.

Everything seems to indicate that in the coming years, these innovative systems are the right way forward in agriculture, one of the key sectors in the global economy. Learning to harmonise technological innovations and tradition in the field will be key to improving performance in agriculture.

The world is changing and we must change with it


Martignani is “4.0 READY”

Martignani has been a leader in the field of innovative agricultural sprayers for years. The Martignani electrostatic spraying is characterised by the application of high-level technology, which, combined with Agriculture 4.0 devices, allows interconnection with the Farm System.

Thanks to these devices, it is possible to:

  • Monitor the correct dose and treatment parameters remotely;
  • Detect treatment efficiency through instant control of fluid-dynamic parameters;
  • Map the treatment performed;
  • Control and automatically adjust consumption

Through the Cloud platform, all data can be viewed remotely via smartphone, tablet and PC, directly from the headquarters/office or from the comfort of your own home on your own device.

sistema Martignani agricoltura 4.0
Martignani 4.0 Solution

Martignani System for Agriculture 4.0

Stefano Martignani, General Manager of Martignani Srl, emphasises the importance of Technology 4.0 saying that “it can accelerate the introduction of new and more modern technologies in agriculture to fully monitor fundamental parameters during field work, while at the same time favouring the modernisation of the machine fleet. For all its machines, Martignani offers various extremely PROFESSIONAL 4.0 solutions at differentiated costs that adapt to any needs”

On request, we can include in our sprayers a system developed in the Cloud, which you can access via PC, tablet or mobile phone with your credentials to:

  • Send and receive information to and from devices in the field
  • Monitor sprayer data in the field in real time
  • Obtain statistics
  • Store treatment data

Specifically, Martignani has developed two kits dedicated to Technology 4.0. We can provide solutions depending on whether the customer’s tractor is already “4.0” or not, i.e.:

  • Tractor NON 4.0: Martignani can provide a computer that connects directly to the company cloud with services/subscription included for 5 years
  • Tractor 4.0 with ISOBUS connection: Martignani can provide a computer with a simple ISOBUS connection and therefore with a significantly lower investment you can still obtain the tax credit for the purchase of the sprayer.

The agri-food sector, is a Made in Italy excellence, looking into the future. The world is changing, and we must change with it. The way to do this is through 4.0 innovations that combine with the traditional strategies that are fundamental in our field. We at Martignani are ready to support our customers need.

Are you looking for a 4.0 atomiser?

Martignani, always a leader in innovation, will find the suitable sprayer for your needs

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