Naranjo family: “with Martignani sprayers we save more than 90% water”

Michoacán, Mexico, a piece of paradise on the Pacific coast that is definitely worth a visit. Agriculture is crucial in this region, especially the cultivation of tropical fruits such as avocado or mango. In fact, this area is considered a world leader in avocado production with 120,000 hectares of certified export crops.

nebulizzatori Martignani Messico
nebulizzatori Martignani Messico

This Mexican region is home to most of the land of the Naranjo Family, our clients for many years. He owns 1,500 hectares of avocados between Michoacán and Jalisco, a neighboring region, and has been using Martignani Electrostatic Sprayers exclusively for his treatments for the past 5 years, particularly the Turbo 2 model with 2000-liter capacity.

He is so satisfied that he now has in his possession 16 Martignani Electrostatic Sprayers and carries out treatments to avocado trees about 8 m high.

nebulizzatori Martignani - Messico
nebulizzatori Martignani - Messico

Saving with Martignani

According to the Naranjo Family, one of the main reasons it continues to use Martignani sprayers for its treatments, in addition to the perfection in dye coverage, is the great savings it has found in recent years in chemical, water and labor. As we at Martignani have always guaranteed.

Specifically, the Naranjo Family used to use 6000 lt/hectare with pump sprayers (without a turbine) equipped with a hand lance, while now, with Martignani’s Electrostatic Sprayers they use only 550 lt/hectare, this means a water savings of more than 90% and with a much more effective treatment, healthier plants without soil loss.

nebulizzatori Martignani - Messico
nebulizzatori Martignani - Messico

In addition, our customer assures that product savings in recent years exceed 50 percent, and the labor he needs is a full 60 percent less than when he was doing treatments with the conventional sprayer.

In fact, the combination of all these figures makes the annual savings for users of Martignani sprayers truly remarkable.

Some of our major customers assure that thanks to Martignani electrostatic sprayers save, on average, €200 per hectare per year. Regarding this statement, our Mexican client says that “it is a very likely figure, and not only that-she adds-sometimes the savings are even higher.”

low volume with electrostatic charge Martignani

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