Apple tree

Everything you need to know about apple tree treatment

From Trentino to Romagna, the apple tree is an ever-evolving standard that represents an important part of Italy’s agricultural and food landscape.

The historical varieties from year to year have been joined by new innovative cultivars, which aim to respond more and more efficiently to production needs. The response to phytosanitary problems certainly cannot be exempt from genetic research, which attempts to combine pathogen resistance with production quality.

But, always and forever, the first answer to production needs, in terms of phytosanitary, is the effectiveness of technical means distribution machines. That is why Martignani sprayers are the ideal solution to every need of apple producers.

In fact, to protect the apple tree it is necessary to perform constant treatments: some interventions should be done during the growing season, but to have broad-spectrum prevention against the main pests of apple trees, protection must be continuous, and even in the winter months treatments can be put in place (especially to defend the apple tree against the most aggressive pathogens).

In traditional plantings and in more innovative ones, such as apple trees bred by Guyot, Martignani’s modularity meets all the specific needs in which it operates.

From scab to carpocapsa or mealybug… no adversity is a problem for us!


Atomizzatore portato Phantom M120 Martignani

Mounted sprayer Phantom M120


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