“Martignani machines save me € 205 per year per hectare.”

One of Martignani’s strengths is its ability to save farmers time and money. In fact, thanks to Martignani’s low volume and electrostatic charge technology, it is possible to save money:

  • More than 90 percent water
  • More than 30 % chemical
  • More than 60 % labor
  • More than 40 percent fuel
Thummerer winery

These results have been repeatedly demonstrated and documented, and they certainly translate into significant financial savings over the years that have also been confirmed by our clients. The owners of the Thummerer winery, Hungarian customers of Martignani, thanks to the cooperation of Penda KFT ( our importer in Hungary) have bought 4 sprayers in the last 24 months.

“With a Martignani sprayer we manage to treat each hectare with 4 hours of work, while with a traditional sprayer the time to invest is more than double, about 10 hours. To which we have to add a lot of idling due to mixing And an extra tractor to transport water.”

The winery managers claim that each year they have a saving of € 205 per hectare in costs alone (tractor + operator + fuel) considering that they treat 30 hectares with one machine, we are talking about a saving of about € 6,200.

To these figures must be added the chemical cost savings. “We reduced sulfur by 2/3 with a savings of € 285 annually/machine.”

With a Martignani sprayer we manage to treat each hectare with 4 hours of work, while with a traditional sprayer the time to invest is more than double

On the other hand, Thummerer emphasized and explained the savings in time and labor since he started using Martignani sprayers:

“Doing the math with a 10- to 12-day spray shift is not indifferent at all,” he assures.

  • 7 cycles x 10 days = 70 days
  • 70 gg = 10 weeks = 50 gg
  • 7 spray cycles = 14 working days with Martignani machines
  • 7 spray cycles = 28 working days with conventional machines
casa vinicola Thummerer - Ungheria
casa vinicola Thummerer - Ungheria

This way, out of a spraying period of 50 working days, 36 days remain, whereas with conventional machines, 22 days remain. That is, Martignani sprayers allow producers to spend much more time on other work to be developed during the sprayer period. “We have the ability, with the same number of operators, to work with the sucker, work the cluster area, spend more time on the soil, etc. … in addition, thanks to all this, we were also able to reduce the number of workers in a 30 percent.”

Martignani has been an absolute protagonist in Italy and beyond for many years for the sustainable use of agro drugs with the low and very low volume electrostatic technique and for the recovery system without recycling that allows to increase the quality of crops, save money in many ways and reduce the possibility of operator contamination. There is certainly nothing more satisfying for the company than to see how its customers endorse the results obtained through years of investigation and testing and confirm the financial savings guaranteed by the use of Martignani machines.

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