Everything you need to know about walnut treatment

The cultivation of walnut trees is becoming increasingly widespread in our countryside. The profitability of this crop is complicit with a market that increasingly demands this type of dried fruit, from whichwalnut oil used in numerous food productions is also derived.

Yet managing the production of these specialized facilities is anything but a given. In contrast to other species, walnut is not very versatile plant: the vegetative developments of walnut, make it a giant in our agricultural landscape. Walnut trees have really important vertical developments and canopy thickness, which test the means of disease control affecting it.

And it is precisely on this aspect that walnut is equally demanding plant: scabe carpocapsaare phytopathologies that affect walnut in a way that is, if possible, almost more important than pome fruits.

To prevent pests, it is important to carry out regular plant-protection treatments, which should be chosen according to several factors, including the species of walnut tree, climate conditions, stage of the disease, the season in which we do the treatment, etc.

But once again, we at Martignani are specialists in the field: we have the solutions to be able to effectively and efficiently manage treatments in walnut.


Atomizzatore portato Whirlwind M612 Martignani

Mounted sprayer Whirlwind M612


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