Everything you need to know about vineyard treatments

The grapevine, the most versatile of crops in our country. You can find it from Bolzano to Palermo, giving us products that, with their specific characteristic, go to typify the territory in which they are grown.

Workers’ imaginations design some of the most varied forms of breeding. but none make them immune to the adversities that threaten their production during the growing season.

 Among the work to be mounted in a vineyard, plant-protection treatments are of paramount importance, which, particularly during the period from May to August, should be applied to safeguard the vines from the many pests that can attack them.

With Martignani sprayers, the grape harvest is safe: in fact, the modularity of the solutions we make available to the winemaker makes it possible to respond successfully to the phytoiatric challenges that, from year to year arise again.

Oidium? Downy mildew? Botrytis? Moth? There are many pests that can attack grapes in your vineyards. 
Nothing to fear if you have a Martignani sprayer to take care of your vineyard


Atomizzatore PHANTOM PORTATO M748 Martignani

Mounted sprayer Phantom M748


Are you a winemaker and want to protect your vineyard from pests?

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