Di Donna: “No one can compete with Martignani.”

Giuliano Di Donna, Farmer in Noicattaro (Bari)

Use our sprayers since the 1990s on vegetables (artichokes and broccoli) and table grapes.
Uses a B612 electrostatic sprayer, mounted 600 liters with cannon.

uva da tavola
uva da tavola

Works at an average speed of 5.5 km/h a:

  • 500 liters/hectare on vegetables
  • 350 liters/hectare on table grapes

The right solution for getting to all parts of the plant with ease and precision

He has used several models of Martignani sprayers over the years, but his conclusion is that “Claudio Martignani – founder of the company– pulled straight away and found a shortcut by finding the right solution to get to all points of the plant with ease and precision. He immediately put into practice the spraying that everyone is trying to do today.”. He then adds that “I immediately understood that with this system you get there quickly and achieve efficiency and effectiveness. No one can compete with Martignani. I have had a chance to try other systems, but there is no comparison.”

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