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Giuliano Di Donna, Farmer in Noicattaro (Bari) Use our sprayers since the 1990s on vegetables (artichokes and broccoli) and table grapes. Uses a B612 electrostatic sprayer, mounted 600 liters with cannon. Works at an average speed of 5.5 km/h a: 500 liters/hectare on vegetables 350 liters/hectare on table grapes The right solution for getting to

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Trattamento biologico contro l'alternaria del pero con Martignani

The Ecoter Organic Farm, in Sant’Alberto Ravenna, is using the Martignani Whirlwind M612 Turbo 2 sprayer with Gibdor sprayer outlet, on soil, to combat BrownSpot of Pear trees. Twice a year, in spring and fall, carrying out ground interventions based on milk enzymes and other herbs. With this innovative and ORGANIC system, they also distribute

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tenuta Mara agricoltura biodinamica

Mara Estate chose the Quality and Efficiency of Variable Volume Misting Today we find ourselves near the hillside village of San Clemente, in the company of Dr. Leonardo Pironi, administrator of the splendid Tenuta Mara: seven hectares of vineyards exposed to the gentle Romagna sun, dedicated to a great Italian grape variety, Sangiovese. The history

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Atomizzatore Martignani per trattamento biologico sul melo

Martignani electrostatic sprayers are suitable for all types of crops and treatments, including biological. In the case of apple trees, Martignani has always been one of the main allies in fighting scab, a disease caused by a fungus that if the right control measures are not applied can create serious damage throughout production. Apple scab

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Martignani contro la sigatoka nera: trattamento biologico

Fyffes is one of the leading multinational companies, worldwide, in banana production and export. It has various locations in Europe and Latin America and banana plantations in different countries such as Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, … In Ecuador, Fyffes has created a high-productivity ecological agro production system and uses Martignani sprayers, thanks in part to

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trattamento noci Martignani - Veneto

We are in Veneto. Probably one of the most romantic and enchanting regions in Italy. With a great diversity of landscapes and cultural secrets all to discover: from the hills to the sea or the mountains, from tradition to modernity. From art to gastronomy or tourism. All the charm of Venice meets the hilly belt,

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atomizzatore noci Martignani

Martignani sprayer on walnut Below is an article published in the agriculture portal, Frehsplaza, with an interview with our Italy sales manager, Luca Bellettini, about treatment with Martignani electrostatic sprayers in walnuts . Walnut: saving time, water and chemicals is possible In recent years, walnut cultivation has become highly specialized and thousands of hectares have

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nebulizzatore Martignani asparagi

“Primo asparagus comes from organic and state-of-the-art Cultivation Techniques that stretch over 30 hectares of lovingly cultivated land.” This is how the Orto Veneto agricultural society in the province of Padua presents itself. A very young reality, born in 2015, the result of the experience of farmers, industrial entrepreneurs and young people with a great

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