Mounted sprayer Whirlwind M612

Mounted sprayers

Atomizzatore portato Whirlwind M612 Martignani

The “heavy-duty” mounted sprayer par excellence, ideal for medium to large areas and/or for treating all agricultural crops where a compact and agile yet high-performance and reliable machine is required.

Tractor power from

48 kW – 65 HP

Tank capacity

400 – 600 lt

Fan efficiency

up to 20,000 m3/h

  • vineyards
  • orchards
  • walnuts
  • horticultural crops
  • strawberries
  • banana groves
  • olive groves
  • nurseries
Centrifugal pump flow rate 180 l/m
Operating pressure 1.5 bar
Metering valves flow rate From 0 to 550/1300 l/h
Pneumatic nozzle D.4MM.
Agitation Hydraulic
LT. 400 LT. 600
Length 192 cm 192 cm
Width cm 92 cm 92
Standard height cm 150 cm 165
Weight (empty) kg 670 kg 690

Values, dimensions and weights are for reference only and may vary according to machine configuration

portato whirlwind 180

Fixed 180°

Single-fan 180° outlet ideal for treating crops with pergola trellis farming system.


portato whirlwind 90+90


Outlet with two adjustable fans. The aerodynamic design and careful execution of these elements allow each air jet to be directed toward the target to be treated, without loss of flow rate and in the most rational way according to the type and shape of the trees.
Ideal for treating all types of row crops or pergola trellis farming system

portato whirlwind 90 + cannone

90°+ Cannon

Diffuser with a fishtail head combined with a cannon head. Ideal for treating low open-field crops (horticultural crops, strawberries, etc.) or centuries-old olive groveslarge fruit trees grown in a scattered order, etc.

portato whirlwind multiflow vigneto

Multiflow vineyard

Turret outlet with multiple adjustable heads ideal for low row crops with reduced row spacing such as vineyards, berries, horticultural crops, etc.

portato whirlwind twin multiflow Martignani


Turret outlet with multiple adjustable heads, ideal for vineyards with row spacings greater than even 3.00 mt.

portato whirlwind multiflow frutteto

Multiflow orchard

Turret outlet with multiple adjustable heads, ideal for intensive orchards (especially apple, pear trees).

portato whirlwind cannone vivaio

Nursery cannon

Adjustable cannon diffuser with dual side nozzles to be able to operate on protected crops (greenhouses, tunnels) or open field, tree nurseries,
tropical crops
 (banana groves, pineapples) etc.

Spray ranges, depending on the type of driveline, available tractor power and environmental conditions, can be up to 30 m horizontal.

portato whirlwind albatros


Pneumatic-electrostatic boom outlet with working widths up to 12 m (on mounted models) or up to 18 m (on pull-type models) for operating on open-field or greenhouse crops (horticultural crops, tree nurseries, strawberries, etc.).

portato whirlwind turbo 2

Turbo 2

Diffuser with double (upper & lower) adjustable fishtail head and fixed elevation (extensions of different lengths are available) or hydraulic telescopic ideal for all orchards, citrus groves, walnut groves, hazelnut groves, almond groves, olive groves, “Y” or “T”/”GDC” trained vineyards etc.

portato whirlwind noci


Diffuser with double lower 90° head and double upper head with cannons or fans (chosen according to the heights to be treated and the required treatment angle), ideal for treating large fruit trees (avocado, walnuts, macadamia, pecan, rubber etc.), oil palm plantations, poplar groves, etc.

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