Before and after a Martignani sprayer: Testimony of savings


The testimonies of our customers are the greatest treasure for us, because in addition to certificates, studies, tests…which of course are important, the experience of producers and farmers is what has always made us improve in our research and innovations. For 60 years we have been listening to our customers to respond, again and again, to their needs.

In 1994, our founder Eng. Claudio Martignani, sold a 1000-liter electrostatic sprayer to Mr. Lorenzo Sicurini of Spazzate Sassatelli (Imola-Bo). At that time, this farmer had 13 hectares of peaches and another 10 hectares of apples, pears and plums. The previous year had gone badly because they lost 60 percent of peaches to mealybug, so they wanted to change their strategy.


It was our founder himself who handed over the machines and made the necessary suggestions on how to treat them. Once the season was over, the data spoke for themselves:


  • Expenditure on pesticides: 28,500,000 lira (€14,719.022)
  • Losses: 60% of the harvest


  • Expenditure on pesticides: 18,000,000 liras (9,296.2242 €)
  • Losses: 0%

That season, our client saved more than €5,000 in pesticides. And after 10 years, in 2004, the savings in chemicals exceeded €50,000.

All this is without counting the savings in water and labor time.

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