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The field trials we carry out during this period for all of Italy for us are crucial. During these demonstrations that we do toward evening, you can see the perfection of the dye coverage achieved in treatments made with Martignani Sprayers, thanks to a fluorescent product.

Below is an article about our trials written in the trade magazine l’Informatore Agrario.

Copertura Martignani

As the sun went down, thanks to the use of the UV lamp, it was possible to appreciate the uniformity of both the dye coverage of the treated vegetation and the size of the droplets created by the sprayer.

In specialized crops, proper spraying of pesticides aims both to reduce drift by avoiding unnecessary waste and dangerous contamination of the environment and to ensure uniformity of product distribution over the vegetation without product accumulation and dripping on it. Existing methods for testing effectiveness and uniformity of distribution include the use of fluorescent pigment solutions. This technique allows to visually check, by means of special UV lamps, the size of the droplets and the uniformity with which they have deposited on the foliage, thus evaluating the work of the sprayer. Last July 12, at the Monteci winery in Pescantina, Verona, the Speroni agricultural machinery dealership in Verona, with the support of technicians from Romagna-based manufacturer Martignani, organized a demonstration evening among the rows of vines to test the effectiveness of the sprayer Martignani Phantom NewPort20: a wheeled and trailed model with a 1,000 L tank whose structure is well suited to the Veronese reality characterized by vineyards located mostly on hills and terraces where slope and reduced maneuvering space are a limiting factor for traditional construction sites. The Phantom NewPort20 features the distributor unit consisting of fan and 4 outlets, separate from the tank. The former is directly connected to the tractor’s 3-point hitch while the latter is attached to the distributor apparatus via a pivot system that allows for better maneuverability in the field with turning radius within 6 meters.

Nebulizzatore snodato Martignani - dettaglio

The sprayer viewed was structured with 4 sprayer assemblies to simultaneously treat 4 vegetative walls: the two adjacent to the yard passage covered by the two lower diffusers and the remaining two walls of the rows lateral to the transit one thanks to the two diffusers applied on the turret. The work site, powered by a Same Frutteto S 105 tractor with a cat. 4 cab, was set to work at a forward speed of 5.3 km/hr. As the sun went down, thanks to the use of the UV lamp, it was possible to appreciate The uniformity of both dye coverage of treated vegetation and the size of droplets created by the sprayer. Due to the all-penumatic spraying principle, the sprayer worked at a low volume of distribution ( 150 L/hectare) generating a high airflow speed (70 m/sec). Air sent at high speed passing through the 4-mm bore wing nozzles allows the water jet to be broken into minute droplets (120-130 microns) and carried to the canopy; the operating pressure is 1.5 bar and an air flow rate of 10,000 m3/hour. The result made it possible to visually verify the uniformity of distribution of the spray solution over the entire vegetation, which, according to calculations made by the Martignani technician based on the parameters listed above, was around 1,500 droplets/cm2.
L’informatore Agrario, July 2022


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