Mr. Ferrara: “In 8 hours I treat 30 hectares of olive grove thanks to Martignani”

Mr. Ferrara, lives in Puglia (Italy), specifically in the locality of Canosa. He is an olive grower and grows about 175 hectares of olive trees (7 x 7 and 9 x 9 planting spacing)

In the past 10 years, he has purchased two Martignani Whirlwind M612 Turbo 1, 1500-liter sprayers. For many years he used conventional sprayers, but then he met Martignani and within a couple of years became convinced and switched.

We asked him why?

“I am delighted with the performance of our machines. I am doing very well.

Mr. Ferrara is a man of few words. He does not get lost in the details because for him it is very simple: Martignani allows him to work much faster while saving time and water.

Mr. Ferrara distributes 200 liters/ha of pesticide solution, so with 1,500 liters he treats 7.5 ha of centuries-old olive grove (simultaneously left and right).

If we consider the distance between the olive trees (planting spacing 7 x 7 and 9 x 9), surely this fact should be emphasized.

In 8 hours it treats 30 hectares of olive grove, with only 4 fills. And this, according to Mr. Ferrara, is the strength of Martignani sprayers. “I am delighted with the performance of our machines. I am doing very well. The quality of the work and the perfect distribution of the product are perfect.”

Treatment on olive trees with Martignani and Basalt Flour

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