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tenuta Mara agricoltura biodinamica

Mara Estate chose the Quality and Efficiency of Variable Volume Misting Today we find ourselves near the hillside village of San Clemente, in the company of Dr. Leonardo Pironi, administrator of the splendid Tenuta Mara: seven hectares of vineyards exposed to the gentle Romagna sun, dedicated to a great Italian grape variety, Sangiovese. The history […]

Variable Volume Spraying at the Service of Biodynamic Agriculture Read More »

Atomizzatore Martignani per trattamento biologico sul melo

Martignani electrostatic sprayers are suitable for all types of crops and treatments, including biological. In the case of apple trees, Martignani has always been one of the main allies in fighting scab, a disease caused by a fungus that if the right control measures are not applied can create serious damage throughout production. Apple scab

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Recensione Martignani nebulizzatore Cognac per vigneto

Azienda Agricola Tonut, in Cormons, in the province of Gorizia, is located in the hills of one of the world’s most famous territories for the production of high-quality wine. This winery has been working for generations with passion and commitment in the cultivation of vines and grapes up to their processing. And to make sure

Tonut Company: “Our Cognac-California keeps its promises.” Read More »

Recensione Martignani Newport20 vigneto

We are in Marsala, a charming and elegant city located on the western tip of Sicily (Italy). Indeed, Marsala’s beaches and coastline are stunning and one of the main strengths of this area. But Marsala’s hinterland is also enchanting, with its vine-covered lands and ancient bagli, typical Sicilian buildings that combined productive and defensive needs,

Giancarlo Angileri: “Before Martignani, it took me twice as long to complete the treatment of my 280 hectares of vineyard.” Read More »

We are in Abruzzo. The sea, mysterious paths, flavors, knowledge, tradition, wild greenery, some of the most beautiful villages in Italy… I would say that the departure is perfect to contextualize an article in which respect for the environment, sustainability and the fight against waste are fundamental. Mauro Lovato, a friend and longtime customer of

Mauro Lovato: “Martignani is the Bison of Treatments.” Read More »

atomizzatore Martignani - azienda agricola Pastore - Puglia

Noicattaro, Bari (Italy). Sunshine, the sea nearby, great cultural and religious richness… Perfect atmosphere to welcome the words of one of our most established clients/friends. Mr. Vito Pastore is the owner ofPastore Farm in Noicattaro, Apulia. He has been cultivating 15 hectares of table grape vineyards for many, many years, and for exactly 15 years

“With Martignani I have come to save up to €7,500 a year.” Read More »

One of Martignani’s strengths is its ability to save farmers time and money. In fact, thanks to Martignani’s low volume and electrostatic charge technology, it is possible to save money: More than 90 percent water More than 30 % chemical More than 60 % labor More than 40 percent fuel These results have been repeatedly

“Martignani machines save me € 205 per year per hectare.” Read More »

One of the aspects that reconciles us with life and makes us appreciate our work is the esteem that more and more of our customers/friends are testifying to our technology and agricultural sprayers. This is one of those cases. From one of Italy’s most vocated territories in the cultivation of the vine: the Treviso area,

Marco Padoin: 9 treatments vs. 13/14 and 30% less product Read More »

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