Pull-type sprayer Phantom M748

Pull-type sprayers

Atomizzatore PHANTOM TRAINATO M748 Martignani

Ideal for small to medium areas and/or for treating crops even on hilly terrain with small tractors.

Tractor power from

15 kW – 20 HP

Tank capacity

600 – 1000 lt

Fan efficiency

4,500 m3/h

  • vineyards
  • berries
  • horticultural crops
  • intensive orchards
  • nurseries
Centrifugal pump flow rate 180 l/m
Operating pressure 1.5 bar
Metering valves flow rate From 0 to 550/1300 l/h
Pneumatic nozzle D.4MM.
Agitation Hydraulic
LT. 600 LT. 1000
Length cm 260 cm 295
Width cm 100 cm 125
Standard height 125/135 cm cm 138/ 148
Weight (empty) 450 kg kg 610

Values, dimensions and weights are for reference only and may vary according to machine configuration

diffusore komby phantom M748 Martignani


With two adjustable wide angle spray heads. The aerodynamic design and careful execution of these elements allow each air jet to be directed toward the target to be treated, without loss of flow rate and in the most rational way according to type and shape of the crops.
Ideal for treating all types of row crops or pergola trellis farming system.



Spray head with multiple nozzles, ideal for vineyards, high-density orchards, high-density olive groves, berries, etc.

diffusore a cannone phantom M748 Martignani


Cannon outlets are ideal for treating all protected (greenhouses, tunnels) or open-field crops, horticultural crops, strawberries, tree nurseries, tall trees, coconut palm, date palm, oil palm, hilly vineyards, pest control operations (mosquitoes, locusts etc.), green care, etc.
Spray ranges can reach 20 m horizontal and 15 m vertical.

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