Sprayer Superecology Compact 20

Transported sprayers for pest control

Atomizzatore per igiene ambientale Phantom Superecology Compact 20 Martignani

Product tank capacity: 300L

The Professional Compact from Martignani’s pest control line with increased capacity (300 lt)

Ideal for mounting on pickup trucks with payload capacity of 700 kg and above.

Available powers and motors
Compact 20 hp Gasoline (Air)
A B C D Weight KG empty
Dimensions in mm 1000 1650 930 1655 415

Weights and dimensions may vary depending on the type of set-up

A1 B1
Frame base dimensions in mm 900 1435
Product tank capacity 300 lt
Washer tank capacity 15 lt
Hand wash tank capacity 7 L
Fuel tank capacity 15L
Fan efficiency

4500 m3/h

Pump flow rate (3 diaphragms) in lt/m 40
Pump pressure in bar 0 – 40
Horizontal spray range in m (up to) 20
Vertical spray range in m (up to) 15

We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

testata cannone superecology 20 Martignani

Cannon head

Omnidirectional cannon. Unique in the world with three movements.
Long-range spray range treatments.

testata ventaglio superecology 20cv Martignani

Fan head

Special outlet for walls or hedges.
Wide-angle treatment with reduced spray range.

testata doppia superecology 20cv Martignani

Double head

For bilateral treatment.


Kit lancia + avvolgitubo
(manuale – elettrico o a molla autoavvolgente)

Pest control kit 4.0

Microdosing pump kit

Wireless controls

kit termonebbiogeno

Thermal fogger kit

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) nozzle kit
for adulticidal pest control

Are you interested in the transported sprayer
Superecology Compact 20?

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