Backpack sprayer K800

Backpack sprayers

Atomizzatore per agricoltura a spalla K800 Martignani

Backpack sprayer with electrostatic charge ideal for targeted treatments on all agricultural crops in open fields and greenhouses. 

In addition to pest control treatments and ornamental greenery.

  • Uniform coverage
  • High working autonomy
  • Saving water, time and product
  • Zero ground drift
  • Respect the environment and its operators
  • vineyards
  • berries
  • horticultural crops
  • flowers
  • orchards
  • nurseries
2T single-cylinder engine72.4 CC 3.7 kW (5 hp)
Self-winding recoil starter 
Electronic ignition 
Fan efficiency1000 m3/h
Fuel tank1.7 l
Active ingredient tank14 l
Air velocity120 m/s
Liquid flow rate with LV nozzle 4 positions0.5 to 3 l/min
Liquid flow rate with ULV nozzle0.05 to 0.13 l/min
Multifunctional ergonomic joystick withengine stop, throttle, liquid opening, dual gas and liquid safety
Weight (empty)Approx. 12 kg
Vertical liquid spray range10 to 12 m
Horizontal liquid spray range12 to 14 m
Vertical powder spray range11 to 13 m
Horizontal powder spray range14 to 15 m

Values, dimensions and weights are for reference only and may vary according to machine configuration

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