“With Martignani, the risk of pest damage is reduced by 98%.”

We are located in Colombia, in the Santander region. It is one of the most charming areas of the country. Santander is located in the northwest of the country and is part of the Andean region. It has a great historical and natural wealth and its capital is Bucamaranga.

Despite having high mountains above 2,000 m, agriculture in this area is fundamental for the locals in the Magdalena Medio region. In particular, the following crops are grown: pineapple, oil palm, banana, orange, coffee and potato.

Precisely palm oil is what our Colombian friend and client grows. A great connoisseur and lover of Martignani technology.

Next, we will talk to José del Carmen Peña, agronomist in charge of oil palm treatments at Finca Palmera La Aurora.

Enjoy the interview….

tratamiento palma de aceite

The difference with the Martignani equipment is the speed, efficiency and timeliness of the applications.

Name, company name and area in which you are located?

José Del Carmen Peña Moreno (pictured with agronomist Nelson Díaz), Finca Palmera La Aurora, located in Sabana de Torres, Santander Department, Colombia.

Type of crop and number of hectares

We grow oil palm, Guineensis material and OxG Hybrid, and we currently have 26 hectares.

nebulizador whirlwind M612

Which nebulizers has Martignani worked with (model)?

We initially worked with the Phantom and Whirlwind models that were available in the area. We can say that these were tests that helped us to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of Martignani technology. The following equipment is currently in use Model Whirlwind M612, 600L 3P.

What kind of treatments do you do? (volume, speed, how often…)

We carry out periodic treatments for the control of pests and leaf diseases. We apply foliar fertilizers and biostimulants.

In terms of speed, the team works at half speed.

Applications vary based on pest prevention which may be 3 times a year or so. In addition, once a month we perform preventive applications for PC, and once every 6 months we apply biostimulants and foliar applications.


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