Black sigatoka

Martignani vs. black Sigatoka: biological treatment

Martignani has been a leader, for many years, in banana plantation treatment. In the major countries of Latin America and Asia, where bananas are a key economic driver, Martignani is present with its solutions that not only guarantee effective, modern and fast treatments, but they are a basic ally in the fight against Black Sigatoka, a major disease affecting bananas.

Black Sigatoka is a disease of banana leaves, caused by a fungus, that affects banana plantations and can reduce production by up to half, but can also wipe it out if not caught in time. The symptoms of Black Sigatoka are small yellow or brown lesions or spots in the fruit, and its development is related to both weather conditions and banana variety.

To combat Black Sigatoka, different products are used to protect the leaves so that the fungus cannot grow and reproduce. Martignani has developed three different types of solutions for treatments against this fungus The choice between one or the other depends basically on the number of hectares of plantations.

Martignani solutions vs. black sigatoka

Backpack K800 Electrostatic

This is a backpack sprayer for treatments on small plantations, i.e., 1 or 2 hectares. Like all Martignani sprayers, the backpack K800 is equipped with an electrostatic charge device to optimize treatment while ensuring homogeneity, precision and no drift.

Whirlwind M612 Major at PTO (mounted or pull-type for tractors 80 HP and above)

This sprayer is ideal in medium to large banana plantations. Thanks to the overhead cannon, it allows working up to about 10 hectares per hour with spray ranges up to 30 meters.

Whirlwind M819 Master Plus (Pull-type self-propelled 140 HP)

This Martignani sprayer is ideal in large banana plantations (200 hectares and above). Today it is used worldwide for terrestrial treatments.
It is equipped with electrostatic charge and has a powerful double suction fan, driven by a 140 HP John Deere engine that allows it to work up to about 20 hectares per hour with spray ranges up to 50 meters.


Martignani contro la sigatoka nera: trattamento biologico

Fyffes and the Whirlwind M612 Martignani

Do you want to protect your crop from diseases such as black sigatoka?

With Martignani sprayers you can optimize the results of your treatments.

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