Snodato Phantom M120

Recensione Martignani Newport20 vigneto

We are in Marsala, a charming and elegant city located on the western tip of Sicily (Italy). Indeed, Marsala’s beaches and coastline are stunning and one of the main strengths of this area. But Marsala’s hinterland is also enchanting, with its vine-covered lands and ancient bagli, typical Sicilian buildings that combined productive and defensive needs, […]

Giancarlo Angileri: “Before Martignani, it took me twice as long to complete the treatment of my 280 hectares of vineyard.” Read More »

Copertura Martignani

The field trials we carry out during this period for all of Italy for us are crucial. During these demonstrations that we do toward evening, you can see the perfection of the dye coverage achieved in treatments made with Martignani Sprayers, thanks to a fluorescent product.

Night Trials Martignani by L’Informatore Agrario Read More »

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