Citrus fruits: 50% water saving with the use of right technologies

        Italy's Martignani electrostatic sprayer treatments increase coverage and reduce manpowerUsing less water and obtaining equal or better results while decreasing the concentration of pesticides is... Read more

It is possible to save time, water and chemicals when it comes to walnut cultivation

Below is an article published on the Freshplaza Agriculture portal, with an interview with our sales manager for Italy, Luca Bellettini. It is possible to save time, water and chemicals when it comes to walnut cultivationOver the past few years... Read more

Martignani and walnut treatments

We are in Veneto, in the north of Italy. Probably one of the most romantic and enchanting regions in this country. With a great diversity of landscapes and cultural secrets to be discovered: from the hills to the sea or the mountains, from tradition... Read more


Martignani, for a greener world, has always been a company with a great sensitivity to the sustainability and the search for the right balance between the crop protection and the decrease of the environmental impact. Indeed, one of the main... Read more

Ferrucci and Martignani: 60 years of collaboration

It is certainly a great emotion to talk about the Stefano Ferrucci winery, from Castelbolognese, and to combine it with the Martignani sprayers. The family-run company was founded in 1932 and is among the most important in the Romagna wine scene.... Read more

Martignani: 80 minutes less work for every 6 hectares

We are in Colombia with its colors, its various microclimates and its cultural diversity. Agriculture is one of the main sectors of Colombian economy. At present, it takes up 5 million hectares. The main productive fields of Colombian... Read more

The Martignani Electrostatic Sprayers against the Brown Spot of pear

The Ecoter organic farm, in Sant’Alberto in Ravenna (Romagna Region), uses the Martignani Whirlwind M612 Turbo 2  Electrostatic Sprayer with a specific lower diffuser (named Gib-Dor) to combat the Brown Spot. Twice a year, in spring and... Read more

“With martignani I managed to save up to 7500 € per year”

Noicattaro, Bari.The sun, the nearby sea, a great cultural and religious richness… The perfect atmosphere to welcome the words of one of our most established customers / friends.Mr. Vito Pastore is the owner of the Pastore di Noicattaro farm... Read more

Martignani’s theorem: An example of Business Mathematics in Agriculture

The founder of Martignani Srl, Eng. Claudio Martignani, created and proved 23 years ago a mathematical theorem that quantified the economic savings, in labour and in the use of pesticides with the use of a Martignani Elettrostatic... Read more

“Martignani machines allow me to save € 205 per year per hectare”

One of the strengths of Martignani is the ability to let agricultural producers save time and money. In fact, thanks to the low volume and electrostatic charge technology of Martignani it is possible to save:– Over 90% water–... Read more