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Martignani, yesterday's pioneer, today's international protagonist for the sustainable use of pesticides

Martignani can be introduced as a result of the short story of a long passion, dedicated to the development of a cutting-edge technique for a more efficient, cost-effective and more environmentally sustainable protection of plants, while respecting the health of agricultural workers and agricultural food products consumers.
This story began in 1958 when Claudio Martignani, founder and today co-owner - with his son Stefano - of the Company that bears the same name, presented and began to spread in Romagna, the Italian homeland region of Sangiovese wine, particularly devoted to wine production and fruit growing, the first pneumatic blowers with low water volume, resulting from a joint initiative of expert Dutch plant pathologists that dates back to 1946.
Martignani continues on one's way, introducing first in Europe the Electrostatic Spraying System (1981), the only one tested in Italy and abroad with phytotherapeutic results.
Already established in farming practise with thousands of vine and fruit-growers throughout the world, it represents one of the most important contributions towards progress in research into new solutions able to optimize application techniques.
These innovations, regurarly subjected to University Field Tests with published phytotherapeutic results, have been awarded in the most important international competitions as "Technical Innovations", creating trend among other manufacturers.
After more than 50 years, the Martignani Mist-Blowers, have been established in the best italian fruit companies and vineries and all over the world in 70 countries, including the most important multinational corporations of the agribusiness, thanks to their particular efficacy in treatments with mixtures concentrated up to 10 times, with savings up to 90% of water, 60-70% of time-labor, 30% of chemical, without no dripping on the ground, without electrostatic charge, but up to 50% with the electrostatic turned on, also thanks to the consequent reduction of drift losses into the air.
The other important effect of the electrostatic charge is the absence of unwanted chemical residues on crops, in fact :
thanks to the electrostatic fields formed between the plants, which are good conductors (sap, mineral salts, moisture, etc.) and the chemical mist sprayed from "Martignani" mist blowers with their special electrostatic charge, droplets saturated with active principle are attracted by the vegetation (branches, leaves, etc.). Numerous tests have shown that it can reduce losses through drifting by 85%, even with windy weather.

Few people know that:

• With mixtures concentrated 10 times it is possible to intervene with optimal results even when the vegetation is covered with morning dew, or it has just stop raining.
• When you have to treat a few hectares of various crops, it is advisable to use not-concentrate mixtures; in this case the experience of more than half a century has confirmed full effect applying a pure normal mix, reduced by 40-50% without the electrostatic charge, because even with increased water volumes, the liquid is always sprayed by forming a real uniform vegetation wetting, without any dripping on the ground and with very small drift-losses, thanks to a consequent increase of the droplets' diameter .

It even takes on greater importance for the ORGANIC and BIODYNAMIC FARMING .

Providential are, in fact, the following system's advantages:
• perfect and uniform nebulisation of any liquid or normal mixture of natural products (classic Bordeaux mixture) , biological and microbiological (such as Bacillus Thuringiensis), polysulphides "Polisenio" in original liquid form, with the addition of a low volume dilution water, "Diatomee" powders in liquid suspension, etc, polysulphides "polisenio" formulated in original liquids, with the addition of a low volume of water dilution.
• No blockage problems or nozzles wear
• Functioning of liquid at low pressure (1.5 bars) to distribute from 50 to 2000 l / ha without any change of nozzles or plates, thanks to
• Precision Metering Units with graduated stainless steel scale with istantaneous adjustment
• Use of a stainless centrifugal pump and special wide passage nozzles (4 mm)

An other innovation, especially for organic and biodynamic agriculture, is the electrostatic Duster Martignani (V.2 University tests 2003 and 2007), Technical Innovation Award EIMA 2014, which, thanks to the significant reduction in losses into the environment, can be used at all hours of the day even where the use of normal powder distributors is allowed only in the early morning or during the night.


The first sprayers were manufactured in Wadenoijen-Holland and marketed under the brand of B.M.B.


The world's first Low Volume Pneumatic Mist Blowers are manufactured in Wadenoijen-Holland under the Kiekens Dekker System trademark and are patented in 23 different nations


B.M.B. sprayers and Kiekens Dekker System Pneumatic Mist Blowers were marketed under the brand of a newly established company Kiekens Whirlwind Holland NV (KWH)


Martignani starts promoting and selling KWH Mist Blowers at regional level


KWH produces in Holland the world's first rotating disk mist blower. This is the BORA Model (international patent) powered by a "Wankel" rotating piston engine


KWH changes it's official name to KWH Whirlwind Holland BV while the KWH, Whirlwind and Windmill trademarks were used from then on to market KWH-products in various parts of the world


Martignani starts building and developping its KWH-System Mist Blowers under license from KWH Whirlwind Holland bv


The Martignani B-120 ALBATROS Model wins the gold medal in the U.M.A. Technical Innovation Competition at the Verona Agricultural Show (Italy) - the first horizontal pneumatic bar mist blower offered on the international market


The world's first mist blower with anti-drift horizontal or tangential flows is produced by KWH Whirlwind Holland bv


The Martignani B-612 3/P semi-3/P mounted pneumatic mist blower wins the first prize in the E.N.P.I. Competition (Italy) for guaranteed productivity and safety on sloping terrain


The first Pneumatic-Electrostatic Mist Blower produced in Europe is presented by MARTIGNANI in Italy


The Martignani B-612 PHANTOM Pneumatic Mist Blower wins the silver medal at the AGRITAB Show (Perugia-Italy)


The Martignani Electrostatic charge Pneumatic Mist Blower wins the silver medal at the Technological Innovation Competition at the SIMA Trade Fair (Paris-France)


The Martignani B-612 ELECTROSTATIC-TURBO 3 is acknowledged as a Technological Innovation in the UNACOMA Competition at the EIMA (Bologna-Italy) Trade Fair


The Martignani Turbo 2 H.T.S. (Hit Target System) Electrostatic-Pneumatic Mist Blower wins the gold medal in the Technological Innovation Competition at the Verona Agricultural Show (Italy)


The Martignani Electrostatic charge Pneumatic Mist Blower wins the Innovative Technology Silver Corn Ear award at the AGRIBEX 92 Show in Brussels (Belgium)


The Martignani "Multi-Flow" modular pneumatic bar Pneumatic Mist Blower wins the gold medal in the Technological Innovation Competition at the Verona Agricultural Show (Italy)


On the threshold of a new Millennium, MARTIGNANI srl and KWH Whirlwind BV pool their forces again and create KWH International srl to promote and sell our Electrostatic Mist Blowers world wide


Silver medal winner in the "Quality" contest at the Fieragricola trade fair of Verona (Italy) for the Martignani Turbo 3 Junior Pneumatic-Electrostatic Mist Blower


Gold medal at the EIMA-Bologna (Italy) Technical Novelties competition for the Martignani Electrostatic Charge Pneumatic Dusting Machine ...nowadays, Martignani Electrostatic Mist Blowers are widely appreciated in more than 40 nations around the world for their extraordinary efficiency


The Martignani "Duo Wing Jet" Anti-Drift Electrostatic Pneumatic Mist Blower wins the "New Technology" Award at the Technological Innovation Competition at the SIMEI-ENOVITIS Fair (Milan-Italy)


The Martignani "Duo Wing Jet Collina" wins The Innovation Challenge Award at the "Enovitis in Campo 2014" Competition. It has been awarded as Technical Innovation at Eima 2014.
The most genial answer to the issue that farmers are facing to an increasingly greater extent: minimize the amount of product dispersed in the environment during pest control treatments.
The Martignani anti-drift "Duo Wing Jet Collina" presents a new version of the electrostatic system, which guarantees no chemicals recycling and no chemical residues on crops.
It allows treatmens and optimal results in hilly and sloping areas, giving such a strong contribution to environmental sustainability.


Four prestigious Awards for The Martignani Mist-Blower M612 Multi-Flow "Südtirol 2015":
3 Stars at Fieragricola - Verona Competition
Mention as Technical Innovation and Environment Award at Eima 2016
Silver Medal at Macfrut Innovation Award 2016