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    The Duo-Wing-Jet is "New Technology" Award winner at Simei-Enovitis Show (Milan 12-16 November, 2013)


    Martignani Whirlwind M612 Trailed “DUO – WING – JET”

    (PATENT N° BO 2012 A000399)

    This mist-blower is Martignani’s most recent answer to the issue that farmers are facing to an increasingly greater extent: “MINIMIZE the amount of product dispersed in the environment during pest control treatments”. It qualifies as the first and only mist-blower that actually RECOVERS product. This is done by combining the action exercised by the electrostatic attraction between vegetation and sprayed droplets with that of two special PROTECTIVE AIR-CUSHION SHIELDS without the pesticides being RE-CIRCULATED in any way. The method not only achieves 95% DRIFT-FREE effect but WITHOUT CHEMICAL RESIDUES on the fruit, grapes, in the wine, etc. This precise goal is the outcome of MARTIGNANI's endeavour to better even the results obtained to date with the so-called TUNNEL sprayers.

    The machine allows the VOLUMES, SPEED and INCIDENCE of the air flows from the electrostatic spray nozzles (8+8) to be controlled from the driver’s seat, thus the dimensions of the droplets can be adjusted to suit the phenological state of the plants.


MO. ME. VI. Faenza Agriculture Exhibition

From 22nd to 24th March 2019, we will participate in the 43rd MOMEVI - the Wine Mechanization Exhibition, one of the most enduring professional exhibitions in Italy - born in a territory of great production, processing and marketing of agricultural... Read more

Martignani Pest Control Sprayers

Martignani produces a wide range of pest control sprayers well known alla over the world. Municipal Pest Control Sprayers Phantom https://bit.ly/2TvfIHk Thermo-Fogging Equipment https://bit.ly/2NHp2SV Backpack Sprayers https://bit.ly/... Read more

Disinfestando 2019 - Pest Control Italy EXPO-Conference

March 6 and 7, 2019, Martignani s.r.l. will be present at "Disinfestando 2019" in Milan, the Italian fair dedicated to the world of pest control. Disinfestando 2019 will be held in Milan, at the MICO pavilion, and making room for... Read more

Martignani the Professional Mist Blowers Known all Over the World

Look at the Video inside - MARTIGNANI is known for having developed over the years the most important innovations for the sustainable use of plant protection products since 1958, when we introduced the application technique of low water volume in... Read more

MARTIGNANI the Emotional World of Mist Blowers

Look at the Video inside - Martignani can be introduced as a result of the short story of a long passion, dedicated to the development of a cutting-edge technique for a more efficient, cost-effective and more environmentally sustainable protection... Read more


Every year in February, in Berlin, is held the fair of fresh products: FRUIT LOGISTICA.FRUIT LOGISTICA is about each coolness commercial sector and there you can find all the last innovations in the global supply chain concerning both products... Read more
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    Mr. Rajendra Gaikwad from Shramik Fruits Maharashtra, India.

    ...The produce has been excellent with strong , healthy even size grape bunches with lustre and test as required for export to UK and EU.
    Average berry size achieved was 22 mm.
    It has saved my time and labour cost.
    The taste of fruits was excellent as it was never before...

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    By Ottavio Repetti, from the 10-2010 issue of "Il Contoterzista"

    Martignani Turbo 3 Super F mist blower «We also used the Martignani Turbo 3 Super mist blower with success in GDC vines (T trellised) with 3.5 meter row spacing. It’s a highly versatile, extremely productive machine that’s allowing us to save both time and fuel, because it does four times the work of a conventional mist blower...» http://www.probiologicsystem.it/pdf/turbo3super.pdf