"We all know that Martignani is the TOP"

'Primo asparagus comes from organic, state-of-the-art cultivation techniques that extend over more than 30 hectares of lovingly cultivated land'.

This is how the agricultural company Orto Veneto, in the province of Padua, presents itself. A very young company, founded in 2015, the result of the experience of farmers, industrial entrepreneurs, and young people with a strong desire to innovate while respecting the environment and guaranteeing product quality.

Orto Veneto cultivates organic green asparagus, both in the field and in greenhouses (it has 150,000 square metres of greenhouses) in which it has installed technological systems to protect the plant and allow it to grow properly and healthily. In this way, Orto Veneto is a guarantee of a high-quality organic product. 

Today, in addition to 30 hectares of asparagus, Orto Veneto has 60 hectares of vineyards, all organic. And to carry out the treatments it recently purchased a Martignani Turbo 3 electrostatic sprayer with Tele Air Fan system.

"We are very happy; in the last few months we have already treated 1000 hectares with the new nebuliser and we are already thinking about making a new purchase". These were the words of Michele Polato, a qualified agricultural worker at Orto Veneto.

Prior to the Martignani mist sprayer, the company treated with a conventional digger sprayer at 400 litres/hectare. Now treatments with copper and sulphur are at 220 litres/hectare and a rate of 6 km/hour. This means a water saving of 45%, according to Polato.

With regard to asparagus, the expert explains, "the treatment struggles to penetrate well and we often suffer fungal attacks. We used to work with 400 or 500 litres per hectare precisely for fear of these attacks and now that we are working with half the water, we have already seen the results". 

The Martignani technology, thanks to the electrostatic system, favours the penetration of the product into the affected parts of the plant. Even in the most hidden ones. Without drift and with the utmost respect for the environment.

In addition, Polato emphasises “the speed of work due to the possibility of saving water and having to do less filling and says that "we now do much more work in the same amount of time".

"We all know that Martignani is the TOP, because of the electrostatic system and the construction quality of the machine”.

The Turbo 3 electrostatic atomiser is a multi-stage machine designed and introduced to the world market that has won several awards in recent years. It now comes with the patented TELE AIR FAN system. A remote suction system with an anti-sucking effect that represents a considerable step forward in optimising multi-row treatments, being able to suck in clean air without recycling chemical mist and without sucking in any other pollutant or foreign body present in the field (leaves, dust, etc.), thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency of the electrostatic charge.