Used Tifone atomiser Mod. Citizen 13CV

All controls from the push-button panel
from the vehicle (start progressive acceleration and engine stop, open-close spraying, gun aiming).
1) 13 Hp, petrol engine, not too quiet 
2) 3-diaphragm Viton pump, bronze connecting rods, 43 L/min. - 40 bar. Can feed 2 large lances.
3) 315-litre tank, made of HD Polyethylene, colour red, anti-algae, integrated shaped for minimum space requirements.
4) Leaves plenty of space on the floor of the pick-up for other tools.
5) Omni-directable Flexigun, with Autotensor + Antishock (shock protection system).
7) Actual maximum range with the Cannon up to 12-15 metres.
8) Quick, integrated circuit cleaner, complete with dedicated tank.
9) Great work output (two machines in one): Motor-pump function, with long-throw Mitra Super lance,
adjustable + 100 m of high-pressure hose, and Cannon Function, for big jobs.
10) The machine is built to safety standards in accordance with the Machinery Directive and has a CE mark and Certificate of Conformity.
11) Quick release and disassembly: the pick-up is free in 30 seconds!
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