Thermo-Fogging Generator device "Integrated Power-Fogger" model

Thermo-Fogging Generator device "Integrated Power-Fogger" model (Patent nr. BO92U000163)

is USER-FRIENDLY, PRACTICAL, SAFE and EFFECTIVE for the generation of THERMO-MIST for the decontamination of WAREHOUSES and INDUSTRIAL SHEDS, LARGE SILOS, FOOD STORES, SEWERAGE SYSTEMS, OUTDOOR AREAS, fight against adult insects and locust control, etc...

The "POWER-FOGGER” model is combined with the fluid dynamic action of Martignani Pest Control Mist Blowers fans and is mounted on the exhaust manifold of the Sprayer's engines - with transparent polyethylene tank to contain 25 l-6.5 USG oil mix formulation.

The "POWER-FOGGER” model is equipped with special plastic “MOPLEN” fogging pipe thanks to which protective gloves are not needed!