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Comparison on the Orchard of Drift Reduction Devices on the M612 – Südtirol Model by Martignani S.r.l.

The “Südirol 2015” (M-612 Multi-Flow-Orchard model) Sprayer by Martignani S.r.l. of S. Agata sul Santemo (RA) – Italy is an Electrostatic Mist-Blower with an innovative orientation and air flow adjustment system able to create a... Read more

Estimation of Quantitative Aspects of Low Volume Treatments

Department of Agribusiness Protection and Enhancement – Phytopharmacology Center – University of BolognaPaolo Flori – Pierpaolo Tentoni – Giorgio MalucelliA study was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of different spraying... Read more

Very Low Volume Applications In An Apple Orchard By An Air-Carrier Sprayer With Four Electrostatic Twin-Fluid Nozzles

Very Low Volume Applications In An Apple Orchard By An Air-Carrier Sprayer With Four Electrostatic Twin-Fluid Nozzles (*)Cesare De Zanche, Dario Friso (**)Department for the Territory and Agri-Forestry SystemsMechanization and Plant Engineering... Read more

Electrostatic Mist Blowing

E.D.F. – France Electricity Dep.Energy Conveyance Service and Telecommunications,Supply Centre of the ConveyanceNetwork – Travaux du Mans128, Avenue Felix Geneslay,72100 Le Mans – FRANCETel. E.D.F.R.C. Paris B 552 081... Read more

The Action of Electrostatic Mist-Blowing

I.C.E. INAT External CentreForeign Trade Institute ” Institut National Chambers of Commerceof Italy Agronomique de Tunisie” of the Regione Emilia-RomagnaDepartmentTHE ACTION OF ELECTROSTATIC MIST-BLOWINGI / IntroductionIn the... Read more

"Low Volume" phytoiatric applications with electrostatic distribution systems

“LOW VOLUME” PHYTOIATRIC APPLICATIONS WITH ELECTROSTATIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS. A. CESARI, R. DAVI*, F. CASTAGNOLI**, P. FLORIDepartment for the Protection and Development of Agri-foodstuffs Plant Pathology Section - University... Read more

Deposition studies with a novel form of electrostatic crop sprayer

Paper to be presented at the Fortuh International Conference on Electrostatics to be held in teh Hgue The Netherlands, 6-8 May 1981 

Particle size distribution of air assisted device

The laboratoryThe Crop Protection Technology laboratory works within the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences of Torino University.The laboratory has reached the accreditation of quality management by ACCREDIA (Italian organization... Read more