Martignani maximises its opportunities

(...Fresh Focus Packagingh and Tecnology speaks exclusively with owner Stefano Martignani about the group's new models and hoy it is facing up to global challenges...) Read the complete interview HERE:    

Di Benedetto Family: “With Martignani we spare 80% of water per hectare in the olive tree”

Castelvetrano. Trapani. Sicily. A few steps from Selinunte, absorbed in a unique atmosphere, in the silence of silver olive trees and invaded by jasmine fragrances, it rises charcoal farmhouse, a structure synonym of costume, of passion for... Read more

Matteo Molon: “I can allow myself to use 1/3 less of product and the 60% of water because I trust Martignani”

Often it happens to speak with satisfied clients about the results obtained with the use of Martignani sprayers or their purchase and for us it has always been a great satisfaction. Sometimes it happens to speak with clients enthusiastic and happy... Read more


Treatments carried out with Martignani electrostatic sprayers guarantee significant savings in chemical, water and time. Our figures show that after just a few seasons of use, farmers can save up to- 50 % of active ingredients/chemicals- 85 % of... Read more

A 'slim' electrostatic sprayer for narrow rows

When rows are close together, a special sprayer is needed - one that can be effective without causing any damage. Martignani now has the right solution thanks to the "SMS Slim" Phantom Mounted Electrostatic Sprayer. It has a capacity of... Read more

Strawberries: you save more than 50% of water with Martignani sprayers.

With Martignani electrostatic sprayers it is possible to efficiently treat cultures, both saving water and chemical products and protecting the environment. This has always been the main objective of the company Martignani, headquartered in Romagna... Read more

Turbo 2 with Tele air fan

Martignani presents an evolution of its patented Tele-Air-Fan system, now also equipping the "TURBO 2" tower models to perform high-performance treatments on fruit trees, vineyards in rows, etc.The Martignani Tele-Air-Fan system is a... Read more

Electric drops

Our environment concerns us all. The story of Martignani, the company which provides solutions for agriculture, is an example : a drop was thrown – it has to be said – in the « agriculture sea », which made the... Read more

Citrus fruits: 50% water saving with the use of right technologies

        Italy's Martignani electrostatic sprayer treatments increase coverage and reduce manpowerUsing less water and obtaining equal or better results while decreasing the concentration of pesticides is... Read more

It is possible to save time, water and chemicals when it comes to walnut cultivation

Below is an article published on the Freshplaza Agriculture portal, with an interview with our sales manager for Italy, Luca Bellettini. It is possible to save time, water and chemicals when it comes to walnut cultivationOver the past few years... Read more