Strawberries: you save more than 50% of water with Martignani sprayers.

With Martignani electrostatic sprayers it is possible to efficiently treat cultures, both saving water and chemical products and protecting the environment. This has always been the main objective of the company Martignani, headquartered in Romagna, since it has been founded in 1958 by the engineer Claudio Martignani. Martignani SRL, has always been looking for a balance between culture protection and environment protection. Indeed, it has always had a very high sensitivity for sustainability. Over the years, it has become a benchmark as far as treatments are concerned, also biological treatments, with a significant saving of water and use of pesticides.

Martignani figures

Specifically, with treatments realized with electrostatic charge Martignani sprayers, it is possible to save between 80% and 90% of water and up to 50% of chemical product. This is possible thanks to low volume and micro drops technology, together with electrostatic charge, which assure a consistent and accurate coverage  without waste nor drift.

Martignani sprayers on strawberries

Over the last years, low-volume Martignani sprayers, with electrostatic charge, have proven to be the perfect ally for treatments on strawberries in greenhouses, as they guarantee a perfect covering result and allow the farmers to save. These statements have been proven by several technical trials realized on the strawberries in greenhouses (the last ones few weeks ago in Basilicata) and by the evidences of many farmers all over the world.

During the technical trials a comparison was done between the treatment realized with an electrostatic  Martignani Phantom M612 2000 liters Mayor, 400 liters per hectare, 1,5 km/h speed, and a treatment realized with a conventional sprayer, 1000 liters per hectare, same speed.

Despite we used less than half of the water, the coverage we obtained with Martignani treatments is homogeneous, consistent and perfect on all the greenery; in the other case, the coverage (or dampening) obtained with the conventional sprayer doesn’t cover all the concerned area of the plant. The drops are much bigger and the risk is the dropping to the soil and the ineffectiveness of the treatment.


With electrostatic low-volume Martignani sprayers on strawberries, an effective protection on cultivation is ensured, as well as an economic saving. Indeed, Martignani’s aim is to let manufacturer use less water, less time and less active substance per hectare, as the latest field trials have shown. Despite those reductions, the coverage results have been excellent and the respect for the environment is ensured (no residual on fruits and no dropping to the soil).


All Martignani sprayers, included those for treatments on strawberries, may have the device for agriculture 4.0 on demand. This means the possibility to control remotely every benchmark relating to the treatment, through a Cloud platform. This platform allows to see all the data on the move through smartphones, tablets or monitors, even with ISOBUS connections. For example right dose and treatment benchmarks; fluid-dynamic benchmarks; consumption control and regulation. For those who want to go further, even the variable rate distribution management according to prescription maps.