Pulled Whirlwind Sprayers

Sprayermango, botrytis

Pull-type Whirlwind M612 (PTO) Sprayers

The Pull-type Whirlwind M612 (PTO) Sprayers are specially recommended for the following crops: Wine grapes, Table Grapes, Orchards, Olives, Citrus, Walnuts, Hazel crops, Chestnuts, Tropical crops (Papaya, Mango, Avocado, Pineapple, etc.), Field... Read more

Electrostatic Mist Blower M612 Multi-Flow M612 Südtirol 2015

 The Pneumatic Electrostatic Mist Blower M612 Multi-Flow "Südtirol 2015" has been designed and realized to increase to the maximum the drift control in the treatment of Vineyards and Orchards deep in rural/residential areas or near... Read more

Martignani Whirlwind M612 Trailed PTO “DUO – WING – JET” Low Volume-Electrostatic Mist Blower

Duo Wing Jet is a Martignani electrostatic mist blower, equipped with two air cushion anti-drift screens with recovery, but without product recycling.  This mist blower can be considered the first and only mist blower that recovers the product... Read more

Pull-type Engine driven Whirlwind M612 Sprayers

The Pull-type Engine Driven Whirlwind M612 Sprayers are equipped/driven by a 90 HP independent engine (Iveco or John Deere brands are used). Therefore, the tractor must simply pull the equipment. They have been specifically designed to solve... Read more

Pull-type Whirlwind M819 MASTER (Engine Driven) Sprayers

The World's Most Powerful The Engine Driven (Deere Power) Whirlwind M819 Sprayers (available both in the tractor pulled and truck mounted versions) have been designed to operate, in the "GUN" version, at wide range on extensive plantations of... Read more