Martignani and treatments against Black Sigatoka

Martignani company has been a leader in treating banana plantations since many years. In the main Latin American countries as well as Asia, where bananas are a great economic engine, you can find Martignani with its solutions: not only do they... Read more

Leaf Vacuum Machines

A wide range of Leaf Vacuum Machines, for: Leaves Grass Pruning Waste Cans Paper Waste Dog Excrements, manure, small garbage, etc. with the following versions available: Truck mounted with Petrol or Diesel engines and PTO driven by tractors of... Read more

Leaf Blowers

A wide range of Professional Leaf Blowers, for: Leaves Grass Pruning waste Cans Paper waste, etc. following versions available: - Backpack-type with 5 HP engine - Push-type with Petrol or Diesel engines - 3P hitch PTO driven-type by tractors of... Read more