A 'slim' electrostatic sprayer for narrow rows

When rows are close together, a special sprayer is needed - one that can be effective without causing any damage. Martignani now has the right solution thanks to the "SMS Slim" Phantom Mounted Electrostatic Sprayer. It has a capacity of 300 liters and is narrow, so it is suitable for crops with narrow rows (berries, vegetables, vineyards), i.e. below 2 meters wide.

"SMS stands for Smart Maintenance System. This patented system makes it possible to easily access all the mechanical elements of the sprayer to perform ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. It obtained a mention at Eima International 2021 as technical innovation. The new Martigiani SMS Slim Mounted Electrostatic Sprayer boasts all the advantages of electrostatic charge technology introduced by the company over 40 years ago." 

Thanks to the electrostatic fields that form between the plants and the chemical mist generated by the sprayer, the drops saturated with active principle are attracted by the vegetation reducing losses due to drifting, also in case of wind. Years of research and experimentations all over the world produced surprising results, so much so that it can be said electrostatic spraying exalts the multiple advantages of low-volume plant treatments.

This sprayer and all the other Martignani products will be on display at Acorbat, Novisad, Enovitis, Eima and Interpoma.

Article published on the Freshplaza portal in April 2022