Pull-type Phantom M748 "Minor" (PTO) Sprayers

The Trailed Phantom M748 "Minor" Sprayers are available, besides the 3P Mounted versions, also in the Trailed one with 600 l (160 USG) capacity which also includes a 50 l (13 USG) tank for circuit rinsing and a 15 l (4 USG) one for hand washing.

Actual SPRAY SWATH with "GUN" head: up to 25/30 m. /82/98.40') HORIZONTAL and up to 18/23 m. (59.04/75.44') VERTICAL (Depending on tractor HP, speed, weather conditions)

For tractors from 18 HP and over

They are specially recommended for the following crops:

- Wine grapes

- Table grapes

- Orchards

- Olives

- Field Crops

- Protected crops inside tunnels or greenhouses

- Nursery crops