Professional Thermo-Fogging generator device "M751" model

(Patent n. BO92U000163) The Thermo-Fogging generator device "M751" is POWERFUL, USER-FRIENDLY, PRACTICAL, SAFE and EFFECTIVE for the production of THERMO-MIST for decontaminating WAREHOUSES and INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS, LARGE SILOS, FOODSTUFF STORES, SEWERAGE SYSTEMS, LARGE OUTDOOR AREAS, fight against adult insects, locust, rats etc... "B-751” model is of the self-propelled type for assembling on pick-up vehicles' bed, with the following specifications: 1 Cylinder-4Stroke 13 HP gasoline engine (with 8 l -2 USG fuel tank) - 12 V electric start-up with battery - High aerodynamic performance centrifugal fan - tank containing the chemical product with level indicator of 50 l-13 USG capacity - Electric DOSING MICRO-PUMP with suction filter. “Long Life” Electric remote panel from the driver’s seat with following functions: Engine Start/Stop – Engine accelerator – Fog delivery On/Off – Engine warning lights. "M751” model is also equipped with specific plastic “MOPLEN” fogging pipe thanks to which protective gloves are not needed!