Phantom Super Ecology "Master" Sprayers (140 HP)

Engine: - VM Diesel - 6 Cylinders - 140 HP (WATER cooled) Frame: steel piping, with epoxy paint coating Tank: 800 l (210 USG) STANDARD of high resistant Stainless Steel, equipped with incorporated circuit-cleaning tank and hand-washer M819 Centrifugal Fan DOUBLE-SUCTION: Air volume 45000 cu.m./h (1,589,400 cubic feet/h.) at 100 m/s (328 feet/s.) Gun head: of omnidirectional type with 380 mm (15.20") diam. head and 16 non-clogging pneumatic nozzles – 4 mm (0.16") - with 3 (Patented) high precision CALIBRATING VALVES equipped with STAINLESS STEEL graduated scale (variable supply from 0 to 3600 l/hour-0 to 950 USG/hour at constant pressure of 1.5 bar (22 PSI each) Pump: Self-priming, centrifugal type, with mechanical seals (250 l/m-66 GPM flow rate) or with VITON membranes “Long life” electric remote control with all integrated control functions AVERAGE SPRAY SWATH: 70/80 m (229.60/262.39') horizontal and 45/55 m (147.60/180.39') vertical