Phantom Super Ecology "Luxor" Sprayers (16 HP)

The Phantom Super Ecology "Luxor" Sprayers (16 HP) are specially designed for any 4WD pick-up vehicle type Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, Isuzu, Tata etc. including double cab ones
- Technology
- Functionality
- Avant-Garde Design
...for Environment Care true professionals


Technical details

Alternative engines upon request: - GASOLINE 16 HP (Air) Briggs & Stratton - DIESEL 18 HP (Water) Lombardini eachone with 50 l capacity fuel tank *25 l when the machine is equipped by Micro Dosing pump kit Frame: - Hot Galvanized and of Tubular steel pipes Tank: STANDARD 400 l (106 USG), high resistance polyethylene equipped with 25 l-6.5 USG circuit-cleaning tank and 25 l-6.5 USG for hand-washing Fan: High efficiency M748 centrifugal type: Air volume 4500 cu.m./h (158,940 cubic feet/h.) at 80 m/s (262.39 feet/s.) - the fan can rotate by 240° transversally by means of an electric motor and remote control. Gun head: omnidirectional with 120 mm (4.8") diam. outlet and 4 pneumatic, non-clogging nozzles – 4 mm (0.16") – (PATENTED) with high precision METERING VALVE (PATENTED) equipped with STAINLESS STEEL graduated scale (variable supply from 0 to 1200 l/hour-0 to 300 USG/hour at constant pressure of 1.5 bar (22 PSI) Pump: VITON - 3 membranes Capacity: 40 l/m-10.5 USG/m. Max Pressure: 40 bar-580 PSI “Long life” electric remote control panel with all integrated control functions AVERAGE SPRAY SWATH: up to 20 m (65,61 Ft) horizontal and up to 15 m (49,21) vertical Empty weight (optional accessories excluded): with Gasoline engine: 400 Kg (884,00 lbs.) with Diesel engine (Air): 430 Kg (950,00 lbs.) with Diesel engine (Water): 480 kg. (1060,80 LBS.)