New Phantom Mounted Sprayer Martignani

Martignani Srl presents the new Phantom Mounted Sprayer with some important advantages compared to previous models:


– Extreme longitudinal compactness: – 30cm shorter than the previous model;

– Lightness: -120kg for the benefit of better maneuverability;

– Advanced center of gravity for the benefit of tractor-machine stability (+ 50%);

– Exclusive “SMS Smart Maintenance System” * for quick and simple ordinary maintenance operations which combines with all the advantages of Martignani electrostatic nebulization technology.

*Patent Pending

The new Phantom Mounted Sprayer by Martignani also has all the advantages of electrostatic charge technology, introduced by the Romagna company in 1981.

Thanks to the electrostatic fields that form between the plants and the chemical fog delivered by the nebulizer, the droplets, saturated with the active ingredient, are attracted to the vegetation, minimizing losses due to drift, even in the presence of wind. Several years of research and practical experiments conducted all over the world have provided surprising results, such as to be able to affirm that electrostatic nebulization enhances the many advantages that everyone now recognizes in low-volume phytosanitary treatments.


MS – Smart Maintenance System

The new Portato by Martignani has incorporated the new and exclusive SMS “Smart Maintenance System” for which the patent application has been made. This is a system that guarantees ease of maintenance, thanks to the possibility of immediate inspection of the transmission unit and the consequent savings in hours of manpower.